Decorated with eco farming prizes and certificates, Eco Farm City is pioneering $30 billion USD worth global ginseng market

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Advanced agricultural technologies are in high demand especially in this time of drastic climate change. The war between Russia and Ukraine has raised the commodity prices rocket soaring and giving food experts in the world a bad market forecast. Amid these gloomy economic indicators from the media, experts are pointing out the need of smart farms more than ever. Smart farms are a new way of growing crops and vegetables with the help of cutting edge technologies with which farmers can control and manage the crops grow in an ideal environment regardless weather conditions outside. In South Korea, the smart farm market is estimated to reach near half a billion USD around 2025. 


Eco Farm City

Eco Farm City is an agricultural corporation. It has carried on 20 years of R&D in finding and building eco-friendly farming methods and succeeded introducing an advanced farming technique: a KDS convergence agricultural farming. The method is an all-inclusive management that covers from cultivation to processing and distribution. The method is controled 24/7 by a team of experts who builds and manages the farm in an ideal environment in terms of amount of light (LED), water, nutrients, wavelength, temperature, etc, without using any agricultural pesticides. 


Three KDS convergence agricultural farming solutions

The KDS convergence agricultural farming is offered in three types: independent passive building, BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic) and smart energy. The independent passive building is loaded with a solar hybrid heat pump that moves the heat in one place to another. Heat pumps are an effective alternative to global warming as they create better efficiency with less energy than fossil fuel. Emphasizing the importance of growing environment control systems, Eco Farm City CEO Duksang Ko says “Farming used to be difficult because we could not control the environment. Thanks to our advanced technologies, we are now able to do it from amount of light and water to right temperature and moisture. Our solutions build an independent growing environment partition by partition and thus kind by kind for farmers to maximize their cultivations.”

▲ Eco Farm City / CEO Duksang Ko


Using the benefits of these excellent farming solutions, Eco Farm City is producing ginseng, red ginseng and balloon flower extracts with patented new substance ‘activa’: it is a silicate mineral complex that radiates 7~20 micro meter wavelength energy band, maximizes supply of nutrients and accelerates growth. Registered as an agricultural corporation to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Eco Farm City also obtained INNOBIZ, MAINBIZ, ISO9001, ISO14001 and SCI A Grade. Making the most of its accumulated technologies and years of experience in the field, the company currently is building an eco farm city on a 396,694 square meter land in Toechon-myeon, Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province while pushing forward IPO on KOSDAQ. 


Ginseng and Activa2000

Using Eco Farm City solutions can reduce the period of 6 year old ginseng cultivation to 6 months through 120 times of natural increase. It requires less space and it runs 365 days unlike the traditional farming in open air and field. Farmers can cultivate ginseng after 3 weeks of planting and it is 72 times of cultivation in 6 years. Without using agricultural pesticides, farmers do not need to worry about insects or diseases but the quality and nutritions as good as ginseng grown in the wild. Activa2000, on the other hand, is a mixed beverage containing anion and natural mineral active water and it obtained The Best Product given by the World Atopy Association. 


Eco Farm City

The 396,694 square meter big Eco Farm City will have smart farms, housings, a healing center, a trade center, an organic agriculture exhibition hall, a camp site and leisure facilities. The company is parceling out a patch to individual growers to grow and sell ginseng. South Korea exports 160 million USD of ginseng a year to the world. Eco Farm City’s all inclusive smart farm solutions offer individual growers automated cultivation with distribution and export all year round. Apart from ginseng, Eco Farm City is expanding its scope to a variety of crops and vegetables as more and more people are interested in profitable, independent and energy saving smart farm economy and housing with the target to build 20 ginseng farms and 150 housings until 2025. 


Eco Farm City is listed in the 2022 Korea Leader Brand Awards for Eco Farm and Eco City and the 2022 Korea Customer Satisfaction Power Awards & Power Korea for Smart Farm and Local Economy Promotion. <PowerKorea>

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