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Early this month, two high officials of the FBI and MI5 met and warned about China’s stealing industrial technologies and intellectual property rights of the West nations. Talking of industrial spy, South Korea is not an exception as more than 80% companies are in the field of cutting edge technologies such as semiconductor, electronics, display, electric vehicle, shipbuilding and information technology. The South Korean National Intelligence Service reported that 133 information leakages to foreign nations for the last 5 years are related to technologies including the country’s core technologies. The government established second Wednesday of July as Data Protection Day and has been providing policy support to companies that need data protection. Back home last month after his business trip to Europe, Jaeyong Lee, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, said in his briefing “Technology, technology and technology” with an emphasis on each word. Developing an technology takes a considerable amount of time, money and labor. But keeping the technology is as important as developing the technology as all of that hard work can be nothing. 

20 years of expertise in data protection : DigitalSense

DigitalSense is a South Korean security software developer boasting 20 years of expertise in security solutions, supervision, consulting and designing. The company is in possession of key technologies of file server security management, document centralization, date leaking monitoring, portable device security, virus test, internal laptop security management, security USB,  visitor’s laptop security management , and unmanned access control. The last three especially are the recent focus of the company. The security USB works itself when inserted to a computer and all files saved in the USB is encrypted and any copying and changing of the files are recorded. If you lose the USB accidently, the data in the USB is automatically deleted. As for the visitor’s laptop security management, there are two risks of laptops coming in from outside: virus and leakage. So the management focuses on recording all status of laptops coming in and out as well as the data and its copy, save, change, relocation in order to prevent the possible virus spread and leakages. The unmanned access control of the company attracted a great number of visitors and industry experts alike at the Smart Tech Korea held COEX, Seoul, last month. The kiosk is compatible with QR, RFID, ID, fingerprint and facial recognition. The kiosk issues a pass to accessors who then need to return it back when going out after finishing the purpose of their visit. The kiosk also checks temperature of accessors and they can make an emergency call through the interphone. 50 of the kiosk is being installed in Asan Medical Center. One other notable client of this innovative kiosk is Lotte Fine Chemical: the kiosk checks blood pressure and alcohol level of the drivers when they check in and out on QR code; in addition, it records information on gas-up, invoice and sales slip. “The security solutions market is fast growing alongside multi-functional unmanned access control systems. We are ambitious to grow our company as one of the top in the field through continuous R&D that will give a better performance and more functionality.” says CEO Juho Choi. <PowerKorea>

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