South Korean GAUSS LAB provides digital twin smart factory inspection solutions

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▲ GAUSS LAB / CEO Jeongkeun Lee

Smart factory is an automated operation system that collects data, analyzes it and controls the overall operation of a factory with the help of cutting edge operation devices. The devices are linked with each other and work together to build data, give analysis and apply the optimum solutions for improving factory operations compared to analog solutions. In broad terms, a smart factory needs three technologies: digital twin, data analysis and augmented reality. 

“South Korea’s manufacturing is second to none. Regretfully, not many companies are backed up by software and naturally they tend to depend on overseas companies that provide the manufacturing system and the software as a package. This was the wake-up call for me to launch GAUSS LAB.” says CEO Jeongkeun Lee.

Recognized for its smart factory inspection services, GAUSS LAB’s team of CPS design and analysis experts teamed up to develop cutting edge digital twin, data analysis and augmented reality solutions for use in smart factory inspections.

Digital twin was introduced by General Electric. It is a virtual representation of a real object that can be coupled with computer simulations to produce predictive results. The technological research and consulting firm Gartner listed digital twin in Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 and 2019. Digital twin technology is expected to be an important keyword in the manufacturing industry in South Korea until at least 2025.

Based on this digital twin technology, GAUSS LAB provides smart factory augmented reality analysis. “CAD and 3D modeling tools are usually sold at exorbitant prices and are only affordable by large companies. Not only do these programs require a high initial investment, maintenance and update services but also involve heavy recurring expenses. In other words, the software industry is an extremely promising market. Regretfully, South Korea seems to be left far behind when it comes to software while being second to none when it comes to hardware. This is the reason that we teamed up for development of our own software for smart factory solutions.” says Lee.

The team is working on gathering inspection and maintenance data needed for the development of a true digital twin solution. The data is used for making reports, reducing operator error and sharing internal operations history and the floor plan between operators and managers both online and offline. 

“In order to make a digital twin module, three things are needed: visualization, monitoring and simulation that should be realized in an orderly manner. It is like automated driving because it requires data for the road, pedestrians and vehicles for the AI to give optimum solutions. Likewise, digital twin collects data on weather, temperature, CCTV images, etc. The app we developed is tablet-friendly as well as PC-compatible.”

As for the 3D simulation, GAUSS LAB developed AR Logbook/XR Logbook that visualizes digital information between the manufacturing site and the management office remotely. AR Logbook/XR Logbook creates diagnosis algorithms through data analysis and inspects the smart factory through CPS technology in real time. It is loaded with diagnostic algorithm processes, data management content and AR SDK-based content and applications. 

GAUSS LAB was listed as a New Energy Startup by KEPCO and in the 12th K-water Cooperative Startups list by K-water. <PowerKorea>

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