Everybody who loves dogs dearly is welcome to one on one based grooming class: Crown Premium Pet & Show Grooming Academy

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▲ Crown Premium Pet & Show Grooming Academy / Director Minjoon Choi

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 3.38 million households are living with pets in South Korea and it is one out of 4 people. Among many kinds of pets, dogs take 80% and the number is estimated around 5.86 million. As of 2018, the number of registered pet businesses were 13,491 of which 4,726 related to pet care with 5,309 people are working in this sector alone. As the pet care business is booming, pet care services are also growing rapidly. 

Opened in 2017 in Ansan City, Crown Premium Pet & Show Grooming Academy has grown the largest in the city. Director Minjoon Choi used to work for a hair salon but quit due to health issues from chemical substances he often used. While resting for a while, he thought of his childhood. He loved playing with his dogs dearly and this sparked an idea for his new profession. 

As long as they love their dogs dearly like Choi, everybody is welcome to the academy to learn grooming skills. The classes are run for certificate course, startup and hobby. Near dog like dolls are used to improve practical skills.

“I’m proud to mention that many of our students are already engaged in the business. In other words, the curriculum we run is practical and effective. Apart from practical-side, we also run down to earth theory that are must necessary to know by removing the unnecessary especially for the certificate course students. The classes are combined with free seminars and skills seminars time to time as well as voluntary activities for abandoned dogs” says Choi.

As for the certificate is graded into the third, second, first and master, the certificate course runs on 1 year based. In order to startup or work at a shop, a student must need the second grade. The first 6 months is focused on the third grade and another 6 months on the second grade. The lesson takes place 4 to 5 days a week which is intensive and those who wish to go for the first grade requires additional one year training. 

All classes are one on one based to draw a satisfactory result at the end of each session and classes run flexibly throughout the week according to availability of students as many of them are working. It is also noteworthy that all instructors at the academy boast years of experience in the field not to mention the knowledge. 

“Excellent students will possibly given opportunities at the end of course to work in a shop as long as they want. I and my team are positive that the industry has a bright prospect in the coming years as more and more people are living with pets and showing interest in grooming whether hobby or profession. In this respect, we can proudly say that Crown Premium Pet & Show Grooming Academy will grow alongside to make their dream come true” says Choi. <PowerKorea> 

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