South Korean KCG watches coins and their publishers whether they are safe to invest

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▲ KCG / CEO Dongin Kim

The collapse of Luna has created a worldwide shock among coin investors and holders. Not only the collapse has put all the holders losing their money but the credibility of coin market itself nosedive. Nobody now believes that the price of certain coins can be stable. 

KCG (Korea Coin Group) is established with goals to provide balanced information on the coin market and to minimize the loss of investment if it must be happen. CEO Dongin Kim is one of the first generation blockchain community leaders. He has observed that the top information about blockchain and coin trade platforms are shared only by a few experts in the industry. Feeling unfair, he opened a coin chatroom in 2017 and it was the start of KCG. 

As the number of membership grew over thousands, coin publishers started offering a deal for promotion of their coins but Kim refused unless he made a visit himself to the publisher to study the coin and the business. Even after this, he went through collecting agreeable opinions on the coin and the publisher by 1,000 memberships. This of his thorough check up practices eventually led to establishing KCG in late 2020. 

“I can say that the role of KCG is an adviser or a watcher if you like. Our expert team carries out check up on a certain coin and the publisher on the investor’s side but not the publisher’s side” says Kim.

As part of this, KCG is partnering with various blockchain and coin platform providers including UN Media in order to provide quality and balanced information to investors. Participating in the World Blockchain Convergence is part of this effort. Set sail the Working Group this May, Kim is to serve as an operation committee member of the all five divisions: blockchain and tech convergence, blockchain and innovative finance, blockchain and manufacturing and commerce and blockchain and digital economy.

“Investors are highly advised to know that in South Korea you can publish coin without initial capital, secret deals are made without you knowing and there is no IPO guidelines yet. So until measures are brought up, it is very important for you to study the coin and the publisher you want to put money into. More ideally, paying the business will widen your eye. I can say that around five out of 100 coin publishers will say yes when you say you want to pay a visit” says Kim.

Kim was listed in the 30 Korea Blockchain Leaders 2020 and KCG in the Hit Brand Awards 2021. KCG also was chose for the first Korean Huobi Grobal Elite. <PowerKorea>

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