When it comes to scalp micropigmentation, Dotgee SMP is second to none

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The number of people being treated for hair loss with the support of the national health insurance has surpassed 230,000 according to the National Health Insurance Service. Around 20% of them have taken hair plant or tailored a wig at least once but the percentage jumps to 80% when calculated men alone. 


While there are many hair loss products, not all of them are effective and some of them are reported side effect. The case also applies to hair plant and treatments. This is because each person reacts differently to certain products and treatments. 


Hoheon Hwang, CEO of Dotgee SMP, has worked in the hair loss industry for 10 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience and is leading the team of 3 who also have the equal abilities to run Dotgee SMP. From wig and hair extension to hair plant and hair tattoo, they have been providing excellent customized hair care services to bring maximum results possible every time.


Unlike the traditional wig, planting and other treatments, SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) is widely accepted by young hair losers today. SMP involves scalp tattoo, hair tattoo, and hair pigmentation whichever one you would like to call it. SMP is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion to the viewers that the pigmentation looks like real hair. It gives density to the hair and hardly be removed by constant sweat and water.

▲ Dotgee SMP / CEO Hoheon Hwang

SMP, says Hwang, is medically recognized as permanent and it makes taking care of hair hassle-free. “SMP applies to part to part from the parting and top of the head to hairlines, scars or the whole. But it is important to see whether SMP will work for certain people through tests.”


Dotgee SMP usually applies twice at the least up to 7 times. One session takes about 30 mins and the density thickens as the number is added. Generally, says Hwang, the parting takes 2 to 4 times but the case of severe hair loss 5 to 7. 


Side effect probably is the one that people most concern when taking hair loss treatment. Looking at the space on the head makes feeling discouraged but thinking of side effect fearful. It is also a drawback that most hair loss treatment is not insurance-applicable and the receiver has to pay the full amount. 


“This is the point where they need to give a little bit of study on who is the top and who is the most safe. Dotgee SMP is proud to have 10 years of practical experience in the field. It gives lesser pain than the tattoo and most people sleep well after treatment without difficulty. For those who still worry about the side effect, we run pigmentation test whether it reacts to certain people. From a week to more, you can see how it works on you and whether it is natural for you. Then you can decide” says Hwang.


Hwang points out that SMP does not work for everyone such as people who are sensitive to keloid or have seborrheic dermatitis. They should take enough tests before application or they might have to find alternatives such cover-up.


Second to none when it comes to SMP, Dotgee SMP is now expanding its scope of services to various other alternatives including cover-up. It is one of the Hwang’s plans to build a hair loss coverup center system nationwide. <PowerKorea> 

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