In-Air keeps clean and fresh air of your home with all-in-one purification and sterilization solution

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In respond to climate change, South Korean government introduced Indoor Air Quality Management Act on April 2021 for apartment buildings and public transport. After 2 years of the enforcement, industry experts voice together for the need of a new guideline that not only include measuring of indoor air quality but also down to earth implementation to improve air quality. 

Kofach is a South Korean air quality specialist who made a strong presence in the field by introducing In-Air, an innovative home-use air quality monitor and sterilizer. 

In-Air is loaded with the applied core plasma technology. Plasma is a state that the gas molecules are divided into ion and electron by strong electrical power through which it produces ion and electron. These substances remove smells and germs when meeting with harmful substances in the air such as viruses and ammonia, and it then disappears. For this reason, plasma is used in semiconductor and aerospace industries. 

The electrochemistry semiconductor sensor loaded in In-Air checks air quality and creates plasma to kill more than 99% viruses, germs and mold. Tests show that In-Air removes more than 95% carcinogen and organic compound such as formaldehyde,  benzene, ammonia, acetic acid, etc. 

The electrochemistry semiconductor sensor is made by German BOSCH that makes sure of precision measuring which goes through 6 steps in terms of VOC (carcinogen), temperature, humidity and pressure alongside the 4 steps of concentration check on harmful substances in the air. The monitoring is made on daily, weekly and monthly basis and the graph shows the data comprehensively. 

“In-Air kills 99.9% harmful substances in the air and shows the data intuitively in real time” emphasizes Jaejin Han, CEO of Kofach.

▲ CEO Jaejin Han

The plasma in In-Air emits both anion and positive ion unlike the UV lamps. And these anion and positive ion generate unstable radical particles that absorb electrons from harmful substances in the air so that they lose their functions. 

A number of tests show that In-Air kills 99.2% H1N1, 99.9% human coronavirus and H7N9, 99.8% colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus, 100% NH3, HCHO, C7H8 and C6H6, and 99.5% NO2 and SO2. Also notable is that In-Air generates less than 10% of ozone which is the government guideline and passed the radon-free test and the animal inhalation toxicity test. At a self test carried out by a team of Kofach showed that the slice of bread in the In-Air installed space has kept its freshness even after a certain amount of time lapsed. 

In-Air answers according to each different size of the room from 19 to 33 square meters. The noise of the fan is minimized and you can control the speed of the fan. When in sleep mode, the fan stops working but only the plasma generator with less than 25dB sound. In-Air proved its excellence by winning the 5 stars out of the 5 at Wadiz funding early this year.

Having proven the excellence of home-use In-Air, Kofach is now to introduce In-Air for commercial and industrial use such as in storages and cattle farms. 

“I visited many fairs and shows home and abroad including the nation’s largest The World IT Show last month. I was convinced that the market demand for fresh air indoor is high. I’m targeting the Chinese market with added network smart home functions and the South East Asian market with price competitiveness” says Jaejin Han, CEO of Kofach. <PowerKorea>

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