Children grow through observation and problem solving while playing with smart farm and coding: Hyper Green

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▲ Hyper Green / CEO Jaejoon Park

Smart farm is a keyword of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This advanced farming technique embraces communication, bio and green technologies with which the farmer can remotely control the operation of growing craps, vegetables and fruits. Smart farm is widely received to help raise efficiency and competitiveness of farming as well as the harvest regardless seasons. 

Smart farm sends information on temperature, humidity, amount of sunshine, density of carbon dioxide in the soil and possible diseases in real time to the farmer. 

Hyper Green is a South Korean smart farm company famous for using its smart farm technique as a tool for children to learn coding. For example, children observe how crops grow and when find problems they launch a study what is wrong and make it right through coding technique. Through the process, children can both train their ability of observation and of problem solving. 

The R&D team and the training team at Hyper Green boast numerous smart farm water culture techniques. One of their brainchilds is the home DIY rotational smart farm water culture system. It minimizes the number of LED by using the rotational method. Because only one LED is in the center, the lights spread evenly with less power consumption. The water and nutrient broth are automatically supplied and the bottom is designed to sprout 200 seeds and the upper part to enable 120 kinds of seedling culture. 

It requires a space 1 meter in width, 30 centimeters in length, 170 centimeters in height and 1.6妊 area. Though small, the harvest is similar to 26妊 area. For this space-saving reason, Hyper Green’s home DIY smart farm can be friendly with almost all spaces in houses, schools, hotels, offices and restaurants. 

Hyper Green CEO Jaejoon Park used to be a math teacher with extensive knowledge of coding and drone. He said that the coding and the smart farm were creating a great synergy and fun, and children were willing to join the observation and problem solving activities like they were playing on the playing ground. 

Introducing by Hyper Green therefore is ‘Smart Farm Lab 4.0 Academy’ which is the latest upgrade of the initial launch of the program. The academy lets children to farm on a 6,611妊 campsite alongside coding. The academy includes a garden party especially for family participants where instructors, children and parents mingle together like they are friends in fresh open air environment.

Hyper Green engaged in the library building project of Gyeonggi Province and has signed a business agreement with a university in Cambodia for smart farm projects. <PowerKorea> 

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