Metaverse connects people to people over time and space whether education or business: Sims Reality

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Metaverse is becoming a worldwide phenomenon and rising fast as a promising future industry. South Korean government has brought up a plan to secure the 5th place in the field in 2026 by pouring 556 billion won ($388 million). Tech savvy entrepreneurs are making themselves busy to introduce more advanced AI, blockchain and NFT platforms that are needed for metaverse to take advantageous positions in the field. 

Sims Reality is a South Korean metaverse company. It boasts its own graphic engine that realizes three dimensional imaging as well as the  infrastructure that gives efficiency and productivity through processing and parts management simulations. 

VATTAIN is the avatar-based edutech project of Sims Reality. It is designed for students to play avatar of themselves in metaverse classrooms and playgrounds both in theoretical and practical contents. 

“VATTAIN helps users create their own contents within the platform and teachers and students can engage in activity-based classes whether theory or practice” introduces Sims Reality CEO Meonghwan Kim. 

The company’s original technique of making the space in reality into virtual space by using its ENVUE is but innovative. It creates three dimensional spaces in simpler ways by scanning the things and shift them into metaverse spaces within 2 hours. 

Teachers can use ENVUE to float their MS Office, HWP, PPT, PDF, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV and MPEG in the metaverse to conduct a class. Students also can do assemble and reassemble of scientific tools and contents like they do in a offline classroom.

As for the communication, up to 50 people can simultaneously engage in activities and conversations in a single metaverse and they can create up to 20 separate metaverse. They can use text, voice or image to communicate with others in one on one or group chat. 

Avatars have two viewpoint: first person and third person. Shifting to third person can give birdeye view on all classes in the space. Avatars also can move from space to space in 8 directions and can make gestures of clapping, hands up and turning around. 

Apart from education, VATTAIN and ENVUE are being used in a variety of areas from marketing and exhibition to shopping mall, industrial equipment and interior, etc. A whole shopping mall, for example, can be created in a metaverse with VATTAIN and ENVUE and people can shop and pay like they do in the offline shopping mall.

Sims Reality has engaged in more than 25 projects big and small and obtained 13 related patents. CEO Kim started working as a software engineer when he was third grade of middle school until 2016. He established Sims Reality in 2018 and is providing metaverse to many companies and public institutions. <PowerKorea> 

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