600 meter deep sea water-driven Raon craft beer is captivating hearts of beer lovers

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▲ Korea Food & Tour / CEO Wonjun Lee

Beer is a liquor probably loved by people of all corners of the world. The proof of the liquor is more or less 5% which makes us feel casual and it goes well with many accompaniments such as chicken and pizza, for example, in South Korea. Unlike in the past where two of the large beer brands monopolized the market, increasing number of microbrews is filling up the shelves of stores today pushing the traditional beer brands aside. 

Statistics show that the domestic craft brewery has grown by trifold for the last 3 years during which numberous entrepreneurs come and gone. The pioneers of the market mostly have gone and newcomers are fighting fiercely to take the advantageous position in this heated up market.


Raon is a craft beer introduced by Korea Food & Tour. It is the nation’s first craft beer of using deep sea water below 600. Deep sea water is clean and have rich minerals and for this reason, some say the water is the last pure water on Earth. 


Raon has 4 kinds of canned beer and another 4 kinds of bottled beer and they are: Raon Mild, Raon Lager, Raon Sansuyu and Raon Pale Ale as for the canned. And Raon IPA, Raon Fresh, Raon Sandy and Raon Stout as for the bottled. All of them go through 17 days of fermentation and ripening of which lager ripened below 10℃ and ale between 10 to 30℃. Also, the 8 Raon craft beer lineup boasts perfect score at tens of thousands of blind test, and are the results of years of passionate research and development. 


Among the lineup, Raon Sandy is the bestseller. It is 4.5 proof and gives a tangerine taste. It was targeted women and indeed women take it more than men. 


While Raon Sandy leading the trend, Raon Fresh is catching up. As its name suggests, it boasts excellent feel of going down the throat. For this reason, Raon Fresh is more preferred by men.


The third in line is Raon Stout, the favorite of Wonjun Lee, CEO of Korea Food & Tour. It removed the somewhat stale edge of dark beer but gives sweet edge instead. 


If you want something unique, however, Raon Sansuyu will be the right choice as it is one of a kind the company offers. The whole sansuyu, or corni, gets dropped into it to be fermented and to give red wine-like color. It is popular among women in their 40s and more. 


A beer without a snack can be funless. Korea Food & Tour thus introduced 3 kinds of dried laver accompaniments that go well with any Raon craft beers. They are not fried but grilled and added sesame seed. Because they have low calorie, women specially love them. 


Raon is being supplied to Daemyung Leisure golf course and CEO Lee is looking for more supply channels to Storyway and a number of countries that are showing interest including Malaysia, Czech, the US and the Philippines. <PowerKorea>

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