ARLOOK’s cutting edge Meerkat AR meta telescope brings you the very historic site and its story as if you are there

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▲ ARLOOK / CEO Boram Lee

ARLOOK is a South Korean XR (Extended Reality) contents company that is changing the way we watch things through AR (Augmented Reality) technologies. Meerkat, the AR meta telescope developed by ARLOOK, is realizing realistic feel of tourism, architecture, marketing and entertainment contents. The Meerkat for tourism, for example, shows not only the site but its history, behind story and other interesting stories in augmented reality contents.

“Meerkat delivers real time multimedia on real images of 3D, 2D, animation and games. While the performance of the traditional telescopes, it adds interesting and informative contents that moves in line with the 36 times of zoom in and out. As far as I know, the commercialization of this kind of technology is the first in the world” says Boram Lee, CEO of ARLOOK.


The existing AR contents have mostly been used on devices such as smartphone or PC with lack of spectacle contents and location tracking and this can reduce fun and focus, points out Lee.

Meerkat, on the other hand, makes the virtual buildings and images of real landscape and gives precise mapping to movement of objects. In other words, it not only realizes the expressions then otherwise impossible to do with the existing devices but also creates a variety of contents through 10.4 inch full HD display and the five of simple control buttons, not to mention it is water and dust proof and works perfectly under -20 degree Celsius in winter. 

Meerkat installed in Heoamsaji in Yangju, which attracts more than 300,000 visitors a year, recovered 100 ruined temples out of 120 and a parade of the king Seonggye Yi with AR meta telescope technology. If you zoom in, you can even see the details of the face of each person in the parade. Meerkat will make you feel like it has brought you to the very place back in the days as the images were so real. 

It is loaded with AR camera and 3D depth camera that realize 36 times of zoom in and out in a clear view even at night as well as precise tracking and mapping. 

Thanks to this excellent functions and performances, Meerkat has already been installed in Heoamsaji Yangju, Haeumwonji Paju and Geumgangbohanggyo Sejong. The one in Geumgangbohanggyo Sejong especially is received as the best example of cutting edge ARLOOK technologies as the three Meerkats realize lively AR contents of images and stories of the bridge and the around.


“We succeeded realizing goblins appear in the local legends and make it into 3 kinds of games for children to have fun. It is also popular among family visitors for this reason. Apart from the use of tourist sites, Meerkat can serve various purposes such as model house view and product and brand marketing and many more” says Lee.


Lee boasts years of knowledge and experience in creating AR and XR contents. Establishing ARLOOK in 2018, Lee won Idea Planning of the 4th Gyeonggi VR/AR Creation Audition and the 2018 Technology Innovation Startup from which Lee developed a prototype meta telescope. Also notable achievements are: building an interactive media for smart city of the Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation, and participation in the production team of the virtual film <Revolution>. <PowerKorea>

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