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The life force of nature and its inner communication has long been captivating hearts of many artists who deliver the charm onto canvas. Artist Baek Jong-im is driven by realistic expression and meticulous depiction of the landscapes of this life force nature. She imbues her lyrical sentiment and warmth into her work to realize presence of existence of objects in nature onto canvas. While appreciating her work, one cannot help but being reminded of the beautiful flowers once bloomed in the childhood. 


Baek loved flowers and nature so much since childhood. She spared no effort in climbing beautiful mountains and the flowers they embraced from up and down and right to left of the land. She has climbed Taechong Peak of Seorak Mountain for 15 times even in snowy and windy weather and walked the ridges for 6 times in order to get inspiration. 


Her 30 years of playing tennis not only made her strong enough to climb the peak 15 times but the celebrated mountains nationwide including Chiak Mountain and Bangtae Mountain. 


Hunger for inspiration, she once boldly approached beautifully bloomed azalea on a cliff to take them into a photo. Not only flowers but a seemingly trivial tiny leaf she took it into a photo. These images of inspiration, she delivered onto canvas with meticulous touch of brushing and coloring. Despite her petite body, she challenged for more than 162 x 130 cm big canvases to deliver her plan without a speck of fault. 


And her passion and challenge were well paid by winning the grand prize at the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea and at the Mokwoohoe International Art Fair. 


“I like to focus on the landscape around me and the landscape I can understand myself from them rather than something splendid and something my eyes cannot reach” says Baek.

This might be one of the reasons that appreciators of her work are naturally travel back to their childhood and hometown. Some fans willingly take the trouble to pay a visit to her exhibitions and some even buy one of works. 

Winning the grand prizes, she is serving as a judge of a number of art contests and exhibitions including the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea and the Mokwoohoe International Art Fair. She also is the executive director of the Korea Youth Arts Association that recently hosted the Children’s Drawing Contest for New Korea held in Yongsan Park Seoul in celebrating the inauguration of the new president. 


Baek is a woman of generous heart. She once donated most of the profits generated from selling her works to the disabled and people in need. 


She has participated in numerous exhibitions overseas including Australia, Turkey, Taiwan, Hawaii and at Ephatha Art Gallery LA. She received Governor of California Prize in 2016 and Obama Prize in 2017. <PowerKorea>

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