Famous for STS base isolation type water tank, Moonchang has won Korea Innovation Award for 10 years in a row

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▲ Moonchang / CEO Sungho Moon

Endocrine disrupter founded in water tanks in 2021 alarmed many of us who use water from nothing else but water tanks. Inspectors pointed out the sealing material used for the water tanks as to cause 37 times more DINP than the allowed amount. 

They also found out that the finishing materials and concretes of the tanks contained endocrine disrupter and even carcinogen. The problem of existing water tanks sold on the market are not only about this health issue as the swimming pool water tank in Uijeongbu City in June 2020 bursted open to let loose 40 tons of water that destroyed a vehicle and paving blocks and stores. 


Established in 1992, Moonchang is a South Korean water tank manufacturer that boasts the largest number of water tank production in the nation and the unique technical skills especially in the field of STS water tank, STS lining and PE各SPE lining. 

The company has obtained 10 kinds of patents for related technologies and utility models and in terms of water storage-related patents, the company boasts the largest number in the world. 

December 2020, Moonchang was chosen for Water Star Enterprise of the National Water Industry Cluster for original water tank technologies. Thanks to this winning the designation, the company is receiving support for technology, performance verification and export channels until 2023. Also in 2020, the company won the Star Enterprise of Daegu and listed its name yet again in the 100 Star Enterprises of Daegu in 2021. 


STS Base Isolation Type Water Tank

The company’s innovative STS base isolation type water tank endures magnitude 7.0 and obtained Performance Certificate from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. This is such a feat as water tanks normally are vulnerable to earthquake. When an earthquake hits water tanks, they move along the seismic wave and the walls start cracking when the vibration gets synchronized. Examples are many but the earthquake in Kumamoto Japan in 2016 and the earthquake in Gyeongju South Korea the same year are two notable happenings. 

Seeing the seriousness of its damage, the South Korean government revised the Building Regulation in 2018 that makes seismic design for water tanks used for fire fighting and storage tanks obligatory. Thus introduced accordingly was the STS base isolation type water tank developed by Moonchang. 

The base, or seismic, isolation and the supporter either cuts off the vibration or absorbs it when earthquake hits the tank. It also prevents the sloshing phenomenon: the water in the tank moves by the outside force and it is one of the main causes of water tank damages. The STS base isolation type water tank with PTFE-applied additional supporters endures weight and magnitude 7.0. 

The expert team of Moonchang observed its stability against seismic wave at a test carried out by the Seismic Research and Test Center while bringing a success to development of the nation’s first water tank stability prediction program called ‘ANSYS Structure Analysis Automated Program’ with which the company obtained NET New Technology from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety alongside Performance Verification from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. 

STS Lining and PE sheet

Plastic resin and cement used for many water tanks can cause harmful substances. The melted paint on a water tank, for example, was found with considerable amount of a carcinogenic styrene monomer while plastic resin and cement themselves release endocrine disrupter and toxic substance. 

Epoxy, used as waterproof, also is vulnerable to UV and changing weather and we might eat the water that contains epoxy if its dust reacts with chlorine. 

Thus introduced by Moonchang was the STS lining. The STS lining uses stainless panel to apply the lining to inner walls of concrete water tank and it prevents cracks, leaks and exhaustion of the structure. 

This way, the STS lining secures not only eco-friendliness but also extended lifespan. The patented duplex stainless type panel lining introduced by the company in 2002 has excellent resistance against chlorine corrosion, cracks, abrasion and erosion and it is being applied to lining technologies of the company. 

The STS lining is registered to Excellent Product of The Public Procurement Service. The PE sheet, another brainchild of the company, also boasts easier and faster application without the need of drying and curing. It is recognized by the FDA and a number of advanced countries as suitable for food and drink. 

Other notable technologies of the company include the current guide plate water tank technique and the 3D laser precision measure technique. 

Winning Korea Innovation Award for 10 years in a row

Moonchang’s STS panel water tank and STS lining ranked the number one by the Public Procurement Service in 2019 and 2020. The stainless water tank obtained KS mark, the water tank lining ISO9001 and INNOBIZ in 2003. 

The greatest feat, however, is that the STS lining water reservoir circulation system has won the Korea Innovation Award for 10 years in a row which is the 5th enterprise to win this honor after Samsung Electronics, Chungho Nice, Woongjin Coway and Zen Korea. The company harvested 19 billion won ($15 million) sales in 2020, a 41% increase on previous year. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sungho Moon, CEO of Moonchang, is as good a man of warm heart as good a man in his business. He has been making donations to various charity organizations and wherever there are people who are in need. To name a few, he donated 30 million won ($24,000) to people damaged by mountain fire this March and 20 million won to Red Cross Daegu for the use of the socially vulnerable affected by COVID-19. Various other regular monetary or goods donations are made to local communities and people in need. <PowerKorea>

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