Conpotech RFID food disposer reduces as little as 25% up to 50% food waste

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▲ Conpotech / CEO Heonmok Shin

Once cleaner than now, Planet Earth has long been suffering from man-made pollutants from oil to toxic substances under the sea, over the land and in the atmosphere. 
Pollution reminds us of industrial mostly but we might be surprised if we know that food waste from home and commercial is no less a worry than industrial. 
Backed up by environment-driven governments, environment-driven companies are working on finding better solutions to reduce food waste. Companies in South Korea in particular boast excellent solutions in wasted food processing technique and Conpotech is the one that introduced the nation’s first RFID food disposer.

Nation’s First RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Food Disposer 

If you happen to visit apartment blocks in South Korea, you might notice RFID food disposers lined up on communal areas. The system weighs the weight of the food you dump, charges you on ‘pay as you dump’ and sends the information to the central system to be made into data. Around 110,000 units are estimated to be installed nationwide. 
Conpotech is a South Korean food waste solutions company that developed nation’s first RFID food disposer. The company has collaborated with the Ministry of Environment and local governments since 2007 to supply and install this environmentallyfriendly disposers from which the company is now sharing 30% of its market as of 2022.
Collaborating with around 150 local governments nationwide, Conpotech boasts the most optimized technique and products that meet the government’s RFID food disposal policy.

▲ RFID음식물종량기 후불장비

3 Step Stink Treatment and Hassle-Free Drop and Pay

Conpotech RFID food disposer goes through 3 step stink treatment to completely remove the smell: air filter - spraying liquid deodor As for the noise, the disposer might be surprised if you are annoyed by that little whir. The waste, when filled, is taken away by designated vehicles on a regular basis to prevent secondary contamination. 

Certificates and Awards

Conpotech has obtained 9 patents for related technologies and secured investment from KT. In 2019, the disposer was chosen by the Ministry of National Defense to be installed around 80 guard posts in the frontline followed by being registered to the Koꠓrea Online E-Procurement System. 
The company won numberous prizes includꠓing the Best Valuable SMEs in Gyeonggi Province and the Consumer Satisfaction Brand Awards in 2019, a letter of appreciation from the Chinese Embassy in South Korea in 2020, and a citation from Administrator of the Public Procurement Service in 2022. 
Hyun-mok Shin, CEO of Conpotech, is serving as Chief Director of the Korea Food Waste Processing Equipment Cooperative. “I’m much encouraged by the move of Jeju City to make large restaurants compulsory to install food reducers while an American company has asked us a sample product recently” says Shin.

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