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President Moon and president-elect Yoon had dinner at the Blue House on March 28. 

Moon congratulated Yoon and wished a success and Yoon showed his gratitude.

Moon said he would have a look at budget needed for moving office to Yongsan and cooperate if necessary and Yoon said he was determined to end the Blue House politics but make most of knowledge and experience accumulated through years of policy making. 

Tossing the glass each other, Yoon asked help and support and Moon welcomed using his experience. 

Regarding personnel matters, both parties agreed to work together in practical terms. 

Regarding supplementary budget, no details were discussed but agreed work together especially on compensation for the pandemic affected businesses.

Regarding pardoning imprisoned former president Myungbak Lee, no words were exchanged at all. 

Regarding North's launching missiles, Moon and Yoon agreed to closely cooperate as it was a matter of national security.

Moon gifted Yoon a necktie and Yoon wished Moon a good health. 

No private meeting between Moon and Yoon was organized on the day. 

Moon congratulates 70 promoted brigadier generals 

President Moon congratulated 70 promoted brigadier generals at the Blue House on March 31. Moon quoted a saying of Junggeun An 'people with higher purpose sacrifice their lives for righteousness' written in The Analects, the Sayings of Confucius. Granting the symbolic sword to all 70 brigadier generals, Moon emphasized three meanings of the sword: defence of homeland, unification and prosperity. Moon also asked building thorough military readiness and more effective operation systems. 

Brigadier general Musam Peon said "The award ceremony directly from the president made me think deep about my duty and responsibility as a general for my country and I will do my best to build stronger and better army."

Brigadier general Sungjae Huh said "Thanks to the support of the president and the people, we were able to push forward light aircraft carrier project last year. I will do my best to make the project fulfilled as planned."

Brigadier general Heongdong Lee said "Like it is engraved in the sword, I will keep righteousness mind and actions."

Brigadier general Yohwan Beon said "I will devote myself to protecting my country whenever, wherever and under any threats and circumstances with all my heart."

Brigadier general Jumsook Kang said "I will work hard to meet raised expectations of the people through fostering more capable nurse officers."

Moon gifted families of brigadier generals bunches of dogwood, asta, freesia and moth orchid. Dogwood means protection, asta trust, freesia future and moth orchid happiness. <PowerKorea>

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