Is the stink in your hog house pain in the ass? Samdo's high performing plasma generators will ease the pain!

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▲ Samdo Environment & PlazoneK / CEO Woonam Jeong

Samdo Environment & PlazoneK (Samdo) is a South Korean plasma company established in September 2016. It developed a plasma generator in 2017 and obtained New Technology certificate for effectively removing bad smells. Being widely used by many cattle breeders, the generator works without frequent malfunctions that have given a pain in the ass of many cattle breeders until Samdo introduces an innovative stink remover.

'If the existing generators cause malfunctions by accumulating ammonium nitrate in the generator during the process of plasma removing the stinks, Samdo plasma generator solved this pain in the ass with automated washing" explains Woonam Jeong, CEO of Samdo. 

Plasma is a status where molecular gasses divide into ion and electron during which ozone is formed. Ozone meets harmful gasses like virus and ammonia in the air to sterilize the bad smell and disappears. Samdo's stink removal technology is built based on this natural science. 

"Ozone kills 99% viruses, germs, mold ect in the air and removes 95% organic compounds to clean the air. We installed our plasma generator in a hog house in Naju and after some time the ammonia density dropped to 7ppm from 20ppm which is 10 times less than the standard of the Korea Pork Producers Association. The hog house then was facing a compulsory closure of the business due to the stink it spread around the area" says Jeong.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ozone kills 99.9% colon bacillus, staphylococcus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, influenza, encephalomyelitis virus of chicken, coccidium of chicken, mold, yeast and hay bacillus depending on the amount used. 

A test at Chonnam National University showed ozone reduced ammonia by 72%. A research on hog houses by JeonBuk National University showed ozone reduced airborne microbes by 30 to 70%. An American hog raising magazine also reported that it saw ozone reduced ammonia density by 58% alongside mortality rate by 80%. 

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology confirmed that AI became inactive after exposed to ozone for 15 minutes while the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences reported that chicken mites were all dead after exposed to ozone for 120 to 150 seconds. 

TC2000 and TC2500
"Samdo's TC2000 generates 48g of ozone per hour and TC2500 80g per hour. Cattle breeders can install one of the two depending on the size of the farm and it can be installed anywhere they want without a hassle. Because it does not use any chemical substances, it is economic and eco-friendly at the same time. A generator can cover around 165 square meter and it is mobile-easy. We obtained a patent in cooperation with the Korea Environment Corporation and registered to NongHyup Machinary Cooperative" says Jeong.

Recently, Samdo set sail an affiliate PlazoneK and released a new plasma space sterilizer and deodorizer PK-50. It is designed for the use at sanatoriums, schools, kindergartens, food warehouses and various commercial buildings. PK-50 is approved by the Korea Conformity Laboratories for successfully passing tests on colon bacillus, bacillus pyocyaneus, staphylococcus aureus, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia by removing them more than 95%. The operation is conveniently monitored and controled by a smartphone and you can choose either standing or wall mount depending on your need from 33 to 165 square meter spaces. 

"Currently, we are working on introducing smaller size plasma generators to be used for various purposes in various sizes of space" says Jeong. <PowerKorea>

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