Are you suffering from heavy and hassly fence installation? Korea Solar Energy will make your job easy, efficient and cost-effective!

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Korea Sola Energy is a South Korean company specialized in designing, production and installation of sola energy facilities. The business grew steadily and it established an affiliate Korea Green Power for efficiency of building facilities that include power lines. However, once proliferated solar energy entrepreneurs have come to a halt recently by LG announcing of closing its solar energy business that has been going on for 12 years. 900 employees are in wait to receive new positions as a result. 

Catching the shift with keen eye, Sungwoo Yoo, CEO of Korea Solar Energy, moved fast to turn his eye on newly booming fence industry but with an innovative method by making most of its knowhow in the solar energy facility installations. 

In order to install a fence, one must dig up the soil with an excavator, fill the dug outs with concrete blocks and put the fence in. The problem of this method is that it takes time to dry during which the fence often inclines. Yoo's innovative method, on the other hand, is to plant the foundation down to 50 to 80cm with a smash hammer without digging up the soil. This way, the fence gets balanced strength both vertically and horizontally as well as improved durability according to Yoo. 

"It is quick and simple and you can do it alone as tools are easily found around you. A comparison carried on a TV show showed that my method and equipment proved to be 10 times faster than similar methods and equipment of others. You can find reviews on the internet that even people over 70 could be able to plant my fence without a hassle" says Yoo.

"The existing dig up and burying method requires around 2 to 3 years for the fence to be solid as the earth pressure needs time to be reformed. But our method is installed deep under the soil without dig up and filling up and it keeps the earth pressure as it is in balance. So it is more durable and it also saves labor by around 60%" says Director Junoh Yoo.

A fence of Korea Solar Energy weighs less than 3kg so it is easy to remove manually even in mountains ridges. For this reason, and also for strong durability and long lasting, Korea Solar Energy fences are being installed around the climbing paths in mountains areas of North Gyeongsang Province at the moment. 

Alongside fence installations, Korea Solar Energy is steadily introducing new solar energy equipment with better performance and improved functions. A bracket, for example, can remove leakage problems around the roof while an agricultural-friendly solar panel can be installed on the roof of green houses to help farmers manage and harvest crops better. <PowerKorea>

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