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▲ Smartflat / CEO Huijang Hwang

Ever advancing technology is changing the way companies advertise their products and brand images. Signage market recently has seen a variety of displays in different sizes, shapes and prices and we can easily see one of those from big companies to village cafes and restaurants. More cafes and restaurants are changing paper menu to digital menu and the trend is being accelerated by an increasing number of manless operating stores. Some say digital signage as the 4th generation of the existing screens such as TV and PC monitors. Talking signage, we must not miss mentioning Smartflat that introduced a real time remote controllable digital signage with which the company is sharing 40% of the market at the moment.

Smartflat is a South Korean smart signage leader established in 2015. Smartflat signage is found in many cafes, restaurants, companies and public institutions nationwide and the company is being received as a innovative pioneer of the future signage industry. 

"Two good things about digital signage are convenient deliverance of information and cost effective maintenance. From a village business to a global company, the usage and application of digital signage are limitless and all they need to do is to download a variety of templates that suits its purpose. What is more? You can use your smartphone to control the operation which makes things smooth and nice" explains Huijang Hwang, CEO of Smartflat. 

One of the instant charms of Smartflat is its easy to use alongside more than 500 free templates for fonts, wallpapers, slides and videos to use by editing if you want to. You can use your tablet or smartphone to apply a choice of your template within minutes on the go. This CMS(Content Management System)-based smart templates guarantee a lifetime use limitlessly. 

[A New World Signage Offers]
Templates on signage are many and highly customizable. According to the need of each occasion of the day, such as birthday and anniversary, the templates are rearranged to suit the purpose. What is more, it is connected to a TV or a monitor to display the contents. Adding on this, signage is loaded with various advanced functions such as alarming bells and up to date notifications. Recognizing the most of these cutting edge technological benefits, more than 200 franchisers, hospitals, companies and public institutions are using Smartflat signage at the moment which is not surprising at all.

[Signage for Manless Stores]
Many village businesses are suing signage to save operation expenses and labor cost nowadays. All things happening in a manless store, for example, is monitored in real time and the manager can take actions through texts on the smartphone to speakers in the store when a situation occurs. The signage also gathers customer behavior patterns to build big data which is then used to bring more advanced operational contents and functions. 

[Language Support]
Smartflat signage currently comes with Korean, English and Japanese and more languages are expected to come. Alongside, the passionate R&D team at Smartflat has proudly introduced 'foot pad' that helps users control the signage. It is compatible with other devices such as kiosk, ATM, etc, through USB. 

"We will keep working hard to introduce signage that has better performance and functions to make the world a more easy place to live and trade" says Hwang. <PowerKorea>

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