Korea Park Golf goes global with proven and better quality and functioned golf equipment

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▲ Korea Park Golf / CEO Seju Jang

Korean's golf craze sparked before the pandemic and is still ongoing despite social distancing. Some play indoor on the screen while other play open air where the virus likely to disperse in the air. Unlike in the past where golf was regarded as an old men's sport, it is now being enjoyed regardless age. Park Golf started in Hokkaido, Japan, in 1984 and it was introduced to South Korea about 20 years ago. According to the Korea Parkgolf Association, 150,000 golfers are registered members and the number might jump to around 400,000 if included the unregistered. Park golf is played on 18 holes for about 50 minutes. 

[Korea Park Golf]
As it started in Japan, most equipment was imported from Japan. A South Korean park golf company Korea Park Golf, however, wanted to localize the equipment and CEO Seju Jang succeeded it with rational price but quality as good as that of Japanese. 

Jang said "I disassembled the Japanese equipment again and again until I understand each equipment. I then tried to make one by one again and again until I have satisfactory results. Thus born was Phoenix, the first golf club I made and it also was the first park golf club in the nation. I've expanded product lines gradually to shafts, heads, balls, gloves, caps, pouches and bags. I can proudly say that I'm the one who have more patents for shafts and heads in the nation."

Phoenix has 4 lineups: K-01, K-03, K-05 and K-07. They are all made with original Korean technology and boast high elasticity and light carbon fiber shaft and wooden material. The brass sole of the head is 5mm thick which is about double the other brands and this has lowered the center of gravity while increasing hitting sense and smoothing the swing. In addition to the current lineups, you can now experience Gold-Class and G-07 and cost-effective G-01. 

46t carbon ultra high elastic Gold-Class offers widened sweet spot, improved driving distance and realized low torque through X-bias design that keeps the direction as aimed.

G-07 is made of 40t carbon high elastic shaft and brass pendulum low gravity head. Inside of the shaft is vibration-resistance shock reducer that easies hands even after a long time use. 

[Phoenix Balls]
Phoenix balls probably is the great achievement of Jang. Introduced August 2020, the balls contain phosphorescence for golfers to play at night. It was first case in the world, according to Jang. What is more? You can pick a ball from the seven rainbow colors which makes your play even more fun and exciting. 

Pushing forward widening product lineups to poles, nets, hole cups and lids, hole cutters, flags, artificial lawns and tea mats, Korea Park Golf is under an export deal with a buyer from Tajikistan. Also expected for a deal are from Australia, Germany and Canada. 

Around 7,000 golfers go through Korea Park Golf training programs a month and the yearly Phoenix Park Golf Tour is to be held quarterly from this year. About 700 golfers played at the Tour las year. 

Korea Park Golf won the SMEs and Startups Ministerial prize at the Innovation Winner 2020. <PowerKorea>

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