Korea Clean System's unique hydrogen technology promotes health of people and clean environment

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▲ Korea Clean System / CEO Hwasuk Go

Back in the days, blessed were those who lived over 50. Today, it is not surprising if people lived 80 but over 90. Living longer is no longer an issue to talk about for many but living young and healthy is an issue to talk about. Scholars have been trying to find out what makes us age and found out active oxygen as one of the factors. Active oxygen is an oxygen compound naturally made by movement of body but it does oxidation and damages body. This damage is called aging. Removing active oxygen, therefore, can delay aging according to experts. How can we remove active oxygen? Experts recommend dietary therapy. In other words, we are advised to eat more of sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin, for example. However, some experts single out hydrogen as an element to remove active oxygen. Drinking water is consisted of a oxygen molecule and two hydrogen molecules and Hwasuk Go, CEO of Korea Clean System, paid attention to this. 

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A South Korean water specialist Korea Clean System has carried on years of research on active oxygen, hydrogen and clean water. And the result was development of a hydrogen creator containing micro currents and hydrogen generated by specially designed filters. Drinking water made by this hydrogen creator helps hydrogen neutralize active oxygen in our body according to Go. Unlike similar hydrogen water creators that use electrolysis, Korea Clean System's hydrogen creator uses specially designed filters to hold hydrogen molecules longer without the need of electricity. 

All living organisms have micro currents that deliver various signals needed for the body to move. A human body for example has 16~60µA micro currents that involves activation, growth, regeneration and cure of cells. These micro currents were rich when we were born but disappear gradually as we get older. Bert Sakmann and Erwin Neher were awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology on passionate research on micro currents. Go paid attention to this and succeeded including these micro currents in his hydrogen creator. 

"Drinking hydrogen water not only helps our body neutralize active oxygen but also top up micro currents. The Korea Clean System's nation's first patented hydrogen creator does this job effectively. Apart from drinking the water, you can also use it for dish washing without using detergent" emphasizes Go.

SAVE153 of Korea Clean System creates water rich in minerals and dissolved oxygen. It uses high-pressure discharge phenomenon to top up micro currents and raises it to the normal value 5.5V. It activates metabolism, recovers body from fatigue, helps circulation of blood, makes skin elastic and hair smooth and moisturized, according to Go. Gathering his accumulated knowledge and knowhow in the field, he is now planning to release an earthing wrist ring 'Earthing Chiu 153' this year. Earthing Chiu 153 will be designed to let out the surplus currents, as bad as lack of currents, in our body, according to Go. 

Korea Clean System received Excellent Technology Enterprise Certificate and the 2019 New Knowledge Management Awards of Korea. <PowerKorea>

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