HAUSCOOK opens new era for smart kitchen

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▲ Bumil Industrial / CEO Youngsuk Shin

Home Meal Replacement (HMR) is growing fast in South Korean food market. HMR is fully or partially prepared ready to eat foods for the too busy to cook. In a way, however, HMR can be a result of man-less food stores, the business accelerated by social distancing, as well as the increasing number of single households. The Megashow 2021 at KINTEX, Ilsan, November last year was a test bed of these fancy ideas, gadgets and meal kits and businessmen with quick catch were busy to find new business ideas. Creating a buzz at the show was a multi-functional induction water purifier cooker HAUSCOOK introduced by Bumil Industrial.


Bumil Industrial was established in 1980 and has grown to share 40% of making and supplying IH work coil needed for various home appliances. The company’s centrifugal casting method is the world’s first molding technique according to CEO

Young-suk Shin Shin and it boasts far better performances in durability and safety of heating plate and IH work coil, the reason LG, Cuchen, Cuckoo and Rinnai has depended on Bumil Industrial for many years.


HAUSCOOK is the home appliances brand of Bumil Industrial. Its induction water purifier cooker functions as induction, water purifier and kettle which Shin claims to be the world’s first. The water purification functions with the 1 to 2 level S&C complex filter that filters fine substances such as rust and chlorine while the carbon filter absorbs and removes the gas substances and smell. Also the UF membrane filter filters all foreign bodies one more time to make the water stark clean. The induction water purifier cooker works automatically when you set the amount of water, time of cooking and heating. It works for many types of foods such as instant noodle, soup and stew. The induction cooker is a perfect partner of man-less food stores saving operation and labor costs, emphasizes Shin.


[Safety and Performance]

Recent reports show that pets accidentally press buttons of induction to cause fire. More than 100 cases have been reported by this for the last 3 years in Seoul alone. The innovative HAUSCOOK’s IH work coil is loaded with cutting edge technology that prevents this type of fire: it only works when a pot and such is detected including all stainless materials except STS304. “The coil itself does not heat but the pot on the induction. In other words, the plate of the induction is not hot. It saves energy bill, it doesn’t warm up the kitchen and it doesn’t cause fire. Some might doubt whether it cooks food deliciously like gas stove because of the weak firepower. But the output of our induction water purifier cooker is near 100% while similar inductions are about 70%. In other words, no firepower is lost during the operation. What is more? It takes only 40 seconds to reach 100℃” says Shin with confidence.

[Who Are Using It?]

HAUSCOOK’s innovative induction cooker is being used in many hospitals, university and company cafeteria, Welstory, Ourhome, CJ Fresh way, Pulmuone and Dongwon Home Food etc. “In fact, you can put it almost anywhere because it is not big. You can move it around with your two hands in home or office.” HAUSCOOK has obtained KC Korea, CCC China, CVC, EC Europe, PSE Japan and CR Vietnam. It is compatible with any types of voltage in the world. 

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