AI-driven robotic solutions of South Korean Roas make your logistics business smooth and nice

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▲ Roas / CEO Yong Ju

[Robotic Market]

South Korean government increased budget for robotic engineering by 54% on previous year and has poured a total of 2.17 billion won ($183 million). The International Federation of Robotics said that the market grew by 32% from $8.5 billion in 2019 to $11.2 billion in 2020. It is noteworthy that the World Robotics-Service Robot 2020 stated that 43% robots were logistics-related with the number counted 75,000 as of 2019 with anticipation of 259,000 around 2023. Many of these logistics robots are equipped with cutting edge technologies such as AI and motion detecting. 


[Roas: Robotics Advanced Solutions]

Roas is a South Korean industrial robotic solutions company specialized in 3D Vision and AGV/AMR-based smart logistics factories and ROS-based research and development solutions. (AVG: Auto Guide Vehicle / AMR: Autonomous Mobile Vehicle). The company built multifaceted automated logistics systems by making the most of its accumulated techniques in AUBO Robotics, Fetch Robotics and Mech-Mind 3D Vision. Quite recently, the company has expanded its product lines to Guozi Robotics AGV and is offering tailor-made smart factory solution platforms. 


“Roas stands for ‘robotics advanced solutions’. I and my excellent team of experts combined our own developed techniques with the existing robotic engineering with a goal to make industrial factories operate smooth and nice. Applying our innovative AI-driven robotic solutions especially is designed to answer the needs and wants of logistics businesses. The platforms we developed are expandable of both software and hardware and the integrated radar sensor and 3D vision loaded robots detect and recognize objects in speed and carry out their jobs. The robot arms also help you carry on multifaceted works at the same time” says Yong Ju, CEO of Roas. 


[Robot, Mobility and Logistics]

Robot, mobility and logistics are the three keywords for Roas to push forward its visions and goals. All solutions, simulations and platforms come from these three driving forces and they are designed and delivered tailor-made. Roas has unique AI-driven logistics solutions that cover from mobility to picking which is the only company that can do this at the moment in the nation according to Ju. Most logistics factories are using conveyor belts to move things from one position to another. It is easy to install and operate, but it is fixed and impossible to change the layout again once hammered into a position. The logistics solutions of Roas, on the other hand, make the directions of robots easily by adjusting the modes of operation or updating the software. The 3D Vision and SLAM technologies in this part play a decisive role as it detects things, locates the destinations and moves to the position following the QR codes drawn on the floors. It is more advanced technologies which also are being used for manless vehicles. The algorithm detects and analyzes the size, color and pattern of objects to pick and move it to a desired position as ordered.


[Palletizing, Depalletizing, Piece Picking and Order Picking]

With the help of innovative logistics solutions of Roas, you can do the works such as palletizing, depalletizing, piece picking and order picking hassle free and with efficiency. Palletizing is loading goods, depalletizing is unloading goods, and both piece picking and order picking are literally picking up goods. All of these core works of logistics are done by robots instead of our hands and physical labor with help of logistics solutions of Roas.


“All of these of our technologies are offered through our ‘integrated system’ that embraces not only engineering but global sourcing ability. This is very important for us to efficiently provide our cutting edge logistics solutions to meet a variety of needs and wants and requirements of companies and countries in the world. And our tailor-made solutions will make the job of our clients easy and hassle free and our excellent warranty and customer services will satisfy every single one of our clients” says Ju. 


[Joining Hands With Boston Dynamics]

The South Korean car giant Hyundai took over American robot company Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics is one of the leading robot engineering companies in the world that has a strong presence in walking robots and multi-legged robots. March this year, Roas signed a deal with Boston Dynamics as the South Korea’s sole distributor of Spot 4 Legged Robots. Alongside, Roas is to apply its own application to the robots to answer to the various needs of the domestic market. Currently, Roas’ logistics platforms are on pilot running in logistics centers in the nation big or small including CJ. <PowerKorea>

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