Have you heard about thermal food boxes that can keep your food on the go? If you have not, BabnGook, The Ddadam and FolderTech will show you how they work!

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▲ Ongi / CEO Sujin Gwon

[Innovation In Food Box]

One thing the pandemic has changed a scene of dine-out industry in South Korea is food delivery bikes swarming the streets. While individual restaurants run hired deliverers to meet the surging orders, e-commerce dinosaurs like Coupang and Baemin are running their own logoed bikes to take the better position in this heated up food delivery market. While the competition is getting fierce here, restaurants are struggling to pack and send the food freshest possible in order to survive. There are some factors that decide quality of the food: chef’s skills, swiftness of the deliverer and to your surprise the food box. If you are sensitive, you might already have noticed that there have been some improvements in designs of the food boxes you received with your food. Generally speaking, Koreans tend to enjoy hot or warm food more than cold food such as salads. And it is crucial for the hot food to be delivered with the ideal temperature intact. In this respect, a South Korean thermal container specialist Ongi is well worth an attention.



Ongi means warm bowls in Korean. Established in 2017, the company has obtained more than 5 patents and is running three food box brands: The Ddadam, FolderTech and BabnGook. Ongi succeeded development of a thermal blending method as well as an agent. Put the thermal pack into a container and pour water, the temperature goes up to 100°C (on standard 50g basis) with steam that lasts for 15 minutes. In other words, whether it is a cold food or an instant rice, the pack warms it up to a desired temperature within 5 minutes. The thermal pack is KCR, KTR and SGS approved that are given to materials that satisfy the Food Additive Standard (KCR: Korea Certification Registrars / KTR: Korea Testing & Research Institute). The used agent can be reused as a counteractive agent. The container, on the other hand, is made of polypropylene used for feeding bottles which means it is safe.



The food box ‘BabnGook’ can be used like a food plate and you can put various kinds of soups, rice and the side. Because you can put as many kinds of foods as you can, BabnGook is economic, eco-friendly as it reduces waste, and convenient according to Sujin Gwon, CEO of Ongi. BabnGook can be divided into hot zone and cold zone and the heat can keep the only the hot zone without affecting the cold zone which is very innovative. The food is not only kept hot or warm but the reasonable amount of steam prevents the food from drying. 


“The partitions are divided according to its need and the fake wall minimizes the heat transmitting to the other side. The container is solid and has strong thermal power and you can taste rice, soup and the side as if they have just been cooked and prepared” says Gwon.


BabnGook can be order-to-made or you can order the ready-to-use boxes among the 4 sides, 5 sides and 8 sides. Recognizing its excellence, large companies like Samsung Welstory, Lotte Foods and Ourhome as well as a number of hospitals and schools are ordering the boxes in bulk. Ordering bulk comes with packaging devices and sealing films. 


[The Ddadam and FolderTech]

If you are a camper, you might want to know more about The Ddadam and FolderTech designed to suit the purpose. The Ddadam in particular is received from campers as one of the best thermal food boxes. It is a good alternative to hassling portable cookware. FolderTech, on the other hand, is made of paper and is portable and you can use it by spreading the folding. It works the same as the other two thermal boxes but it is disposable. When asked plans for the future, CEO Gwon said that she was working on finding export channels overseas at the moment. <PowerKorea>

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