Still haven’t found a solution for your hair loss? Kimho Jeungmo might be a good alternative to have a go!

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▲ Kimho Jeungmo Wonju Academy / Director Meongsoon Kim

[Hair Loss]

The number of people suffering from hair loss in South Korea is estimated around 10 million. Against our prejudice that hair loss is an exclusive property of the old, the 10 million also has the young: more than 230,000 people visited clinics of which 44% were in their 20s and 30s. A Korean Hair Research Society survey shows that 26.9% in their 20s to 40s paid a visit to a clinic, 66.4% used recommended shampoos and ample and 40.7% has taken nutritional supplements. Experts say that hair loss is caused by various factors including stress and bad diet with the M shape and the top head as the two most common types. 


[Kimho Jeungmo]

Kimho Jeungmo (hair thickening) is a South Korean hair loss solutions company that is boasting more than 30 years of experience in the field. The most famous method of Kimho Jeungmo is attaching natural hairs to the existing short hairs to look abundant and nice. It is safe and simple as the treatment does not involve chemical substances. This hair thickening method is not stuffy like wigs and you can easily create styles and move freely without a worry of the attached hairs falling, and you can even do perm or dying, according to an expert of Kimho Jeungmo. A questionnaire and a consulting analyze a client’s hair type, diet, lifestyle, conditions of the scalp, amount of sweat and preference on styles before application. The lines between the loss parts and the original parts are blurred to make overall hair look natural and good and this requires attention to detail execution which all experts at Kimho Jeungmo have. 10 types of hair thickening methods are ready to satisfy each client with each different type of hair, scalp and hair loss with help of one of the experts. 


[No Glue, No Tape and No Silicon Wig]

Kimho Jeungmo’s no glue, no tape and no silicon wig is received as a next generation wig among industry experts and wearers alike. The wig has secured excellent ventilation for the hair and scalp to breathe freely and the hairs are real to make it look good. Many wigs on the market are hard to treat but Kimho Jeungmo wigs are easy to treat and make a style. Because they are real hairs, they are lighter than many other wigs on the market. 


“Glues, tapes and silicon are not natural and effective when they come to hair thickening. Kimho Jeungmo’s no glue, no tape and no silicon wigs are a result of years of our experts’ continuous research, trials and failures and they are melted with our sweat and pride” says Meongsoon Kim, Director of Kimho Jeungmo Wonju Academy. 


[Fostering Future Talent]

Kimho Jeungmo Academy welcomes ambitious students who want to write a new history in the hair loss solutions through excellence courses. Highly experienced teachers help students equip with necessary skills and knowledge and additional courses are provided without an extra fee until every student complete the courses and pass the tests. Kim is a holder of a doctor’s degree in hair thickening obtained at Eastern Prime University and is serving as President of the Global Kimho Jeungmo Association at the moment. She is the grand prize winner of the hair thickening and wig contest hosted by the association. <PowerKorea>

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