Stressed and embarrassed by hair loss? Find a way with fast rising SMP hair loss solution from South Korean Talmowang Academy!

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▲ Talmowang Academy / CEO Peongil Park

[New Hair Loss Solution: SMP]

Hair loss is caused by various reasons: heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions and natural part of aging. Many experts and doctors warn that stress can also lead to hair loss. Despite advancement in medical science, a proper cure for hair loss still seems to be far away. So, most people with scanty hair have had two options to cover their empty parts so far: wigs or transplants. Wigs are somewhat uncomfortable while transplant takes time and money. If you are among the people who are looking for a better solution, you might want to pay attention to fast rising SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation) hair loss solution. SMP is known as head tattoo or scalp tattoo or you can call it tattooed hair. The needle used for SMP is ‘3 point micro needle’ that is about 70% smaller than normal tattoo needle. This makes the lost hair parts on the scalp look like there actually are hairs. SMP is received as an effective non-surgical hair loss solution. It gives analysis on types and conditions of scalp, hair and patterns of each person to bring maximum result. 


[Talmowang Academy]

Talmowang Academy is a South Korean hair loss solutions company that boasts the largest number of inking and of SMP hair tattoo course completion rate in the nation. As of October 2021, more than 300 students have completed SMP course. Instructors are mentoring of their students rather than the concept of teaching to increase technique, theory and overall performance. The 9 week course includes marketing and startup alongside training so that successful completers can pioneer their enterprise or take a better position in the existing enterprises. For this, students who wish to retake the course can do so again whenever they want and this also includes the practice. Apart from regular courses, Talmowang Academy runs seminars and also hands out educational materials time to time. 



Many clients who have received, or are receiving, SMP from Talmowang Academy praise highly of the results: Below are two exciting reviews: 



“I went to a hair salon after SMP. I was really nervous in case people with real hair recognize fake of my hair. Surprisingly, nobody noticed. I was like WOW. A hairdresser said to me that I seemed to have more hair and another said to himself ‘Interesting. I can’t trim the sibeburns’. It just makes me fun and happy.”



“I’d lived bald for decades and got used it. One day I met my friends after SMP and they were surprised by the realistic finish. My mom used to be against tattoo but she actually shed tears after carefully observing my scalp here and there with her hands.” 


[TMW Shampoo]

TMW Shampoo is a shampoo brand introduced by Talmowang Academy. Contained in the shampoo are zinc pyrithione and FGF, the core substances to ease hair loss, to remove dead skin cell and to stimulate hair growth. It also helps recover PH balance of damaged hair and provide moisture and nourishment. The shampoo has no color and no scent. 



Peongil Park is Senior Vice President of the KSMP (Korea SMP Association), a judge of the KFTA (Korea Fashion Tattoo Association), and an Organizing Committee member of the Global Beauty Expo SMP Competition. “I used to have a lot of stress due to hair loss and I covered my head whenever I went out. So I wanted to do something for me and people who suffer from the same stress and embarrassment. And the result was Talmowang Academy (talmowang means ‘hair loss king’ in Korean)”. (PowerKorea)

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