Democratic Party presidential nominee Lee pays a visit to Daegu

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Democratic Party presidential nominee Jaemyung Lee paid a visit to a conservative city Daegu and Seomoon Market to engage with young people and market merchants on November 5. He had lunch with a local young man at a local restaurant and gave a lecture on ‘Young Questions, Lee Answers’ at Kyungpook National University afterwards. Lee wowed students by answering all of their questions without a hesitation whether it was about politics, housing, south-north relations, energy policy and qualities to being the president and received standing ovation. He then visited Seomoon Market where majority of market merchants support conservative but Lee received fair amount of support with some shouting his name in support. On November 7, he showed his worry on South Korea’s 97% dependency on China for urea solution and emphasized securing production facilities in the nation while diversifying the imports. (PowerKorea)

Presidential Nominee: Seokyoul Yoon

People Power Party presidential nominee Seokyoul Yoon visits Garak Market in his first move as presidential nominee

People Power Party presidential nominee Seokyoul Yoon beat his competitor Joonpyo Hong by winning 47.85% as opposed to Hong who received 41.50% in the primary election. His first move as the nominee was to visit Garak Market, Seoul, on November 6, to listen to difficulties and sayings of market merchants. He said that this was a place where we could hear and see how ordinary people would feel about the current economy and the politics. He tasted pickled fish sold in a store followed by a butcher’s, and a dried fish on which he bought 20 dried squid. (PowerKorea)

Presidential Nominee: Sangjung Sim

Justice Party presidential nominee Sangjung Sim criticizes two-faced ruling and opposition parties

Justice Party presidential nominee Sangjung Sim beat her competitor Jeongmi Lee at primary election by winning 51.12% votes as opposed to Lee’s 48.88%. In her acceptance speech, Sim pointed out that the Daejang-dong Gate was the avatar of the 34 years of the two-party politics in which they had in fact been one body when it came to real estate development, adding that, they still blamed each other without a shame and responsibility. She said that the two parties were in the center of exploitation and politically-biased prosecution but she had no legal, moral and political disputes to make. She emphasized that she knew that many people felt that there was no one worth their votes but she would confidently say that here was Sangjung Sim who was ready for them. She criticized the ruling party over spraying the people’s hard earned money seemingly in a way to solace people affected by the pandemic, and also let Seokyoul Yoon to be a presidential candidate. (PowerKorea)

Presidential Nominee: Cheolsoo Ahn

People Party presidential nominee Cheolsoo Ahn pledges he would get off the presidential boat if he would not receive more than 50% trust from the people during his presidential term

People Party presidential nominee Cheolsoo Ahn emphasized rebuilding his identity to avoid following old-fashioned political practices. He said that he had been failed his political career because he followed the old-fashioned, but now he had realized from where he fastened the first button wrong. He criticized the old play of the two leading parties changing their key player time to time on the needs and wants while not changing their outdated political confrontation between the progressive and the conservative. He then brought up his science technology vision as the nation’s future growth engine. For this, he said he would introduce a science technology department that would play the key role in pushing forward the research and development of cutting edge technologies. He also pledged to reduce number of employees in the Blue House by half while introducing ‘responsible prime minister’ and ‘responsible minister’ so that they should not be loosened in their duty. In other words, he said, professionalism, but not political skills, should take important roles and positions. He also pledged that he would get off the presidential boat if he would not receive more than 50% trust from the people during his presidential term. (PowerKorea)

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