Moon attends 73rd Armed Forces Day ceremony

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President Moon attended the 73rd Armed Forces Day ceremony held on October 1 in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, where the UN troops landed first to support South Korea during the Korean War. The ceremony took place on Marado convoy ship. Moon and First Lady Kim landed on the ship with Marion helicopter. The 3,000 ton Dosan Ahn Changho (SS-083) submarine floated on the sea with the Taegukgi (national flag) and veteran marine Bongsik Lee, who fought in the Battle of Incheon, saluted the flag. 

Moon said that Marado was melted with the braveness of landing troops and the veteran marines and he was proud to celebrate the day on the deck of the ship. He emphasized that South Korea was here today thanks to royalty and sacrifice of patriots and allies and he showed his deep respect. He continued that the Korean Army Air Corps was to set sail December this year and it would be equipped with multi-dimensional mobility and attacking powers. 

Moon named those who died during the course of Korean Army Air Corps: Colonel Jeongil Kim, Lieutenant Colonel Donghwan Noh, Sergeant Jinhwa Kim, Sergeant Seyoung Kim and Sergeant Jaewoo Park. Prior to the ceremony, he visited the memorial tower to pay a respect to them all and delivered his condolences to their families. 

In his speech on the day, Moon pointed out that the South Korea’s 6th military power in the world was not made in a day but through years of strong will power and devotion. He also pointed out the lift of missile restriction that had been capped for 40 years and South Korea was now developing and deploying the mass destructive missiles in the fields, ships and submarines. 

Moon especially showed his pride on recent successful launching of SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) and the coming 30,000 ton light aircraft carrier. Moon encouraged young soldiers with the government’s increased monthly wages to 676,000 won ($573) with 11,000 won ($9.33) per meal and reduced 18 month compulsory services by December this year. 

He made himself clear that South Korean president was the commander in chief of the country’s armed forces and has responsibility to protect the country and the people and to keep the peace, and therefore, the government would firmly deal with any threats to this. 

Also in the ceremony, Moon awarded medals according to the winners’ deeds and credits including the marines in the Bombardment of Yeongpyeong. Attended on the day were highest military officials, veterans, soldiers on services and provisional forces. 


Seoul ADEX 2021

President Moon boarded a FA-50 fighter jet, developed by South Korea, on October 20 prior to the opening of the Seoul ADEX 2021. After landing, he said that he was proud to see highly advanced South Korean defense technologies and capabilities as well as cutting edge weapons and weapon systems. Encouraging staff and researchers at the Agency for Defense Development, and officials of defense industry, he said that we decided to make weapons by our own hands and set sail the defense industry in the late 60s, and we now were the 6th weapons exporter in the world. 

He emphasized that around 45,000 people are working for more than 550 defense companies big or small and pointed out aerospace as to have high potential to grow. South Korea is ranked 6th in machinery, 4th in automotive and 1st in semiconductor. South Korea has developed KF-21 Boramae and is targeting to be the 7th aerospace power in the world. After the speech, Moon and high military officials toured the exhibition with special attention to the liquid fuel rocket engines of Nuri (KSLV-II), a three-stage launch vehicle. (PowerKorea)

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