Passive Bio Farm brings innovation to turnip cultivation and all year-round crops

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▲ Passive Bio Farm / CEO Gookwon Gwon

Turnip is a root vegetable grown in temperate climate. Academically, it belongs to cruciferae. Turnip is different from radish like some people get confused with. Rather, it is close to cabbage. Because it tastes sweet, some people call it ‘fruit radish’. Turnip contains potassium, vitamin C, calcium, iron, fiber, magnesium, sugar and chlorophy and it is listing its name in the superfoods. Ancient Korean medicine book Donguibogam records turnip is warm in character and benefits the five viscera. Seoul National University College of Medicine carried an experiment on anti-liver fibrosis of thioacedtamide of turnip for 8 weeks and the team found that turnip has liver fibrosis curative effect. The Ganghwa Agricultural Technology Service Center also reported that turnip is excellent in anti-cancer especially the liver cancer and lowing cholesterol. 

[Ganghwa Island]
About an hour drive towards northwest from Seoul, Ganghwa Island boasts clean sea breeze, clean water and clean soil. Thanks for this unpolluted environment, many rare plants are grown and cultivated. Talented farmers have known this very well for a long time and it is the place where they cultivate turnip. The root of Ganghwa turnip is deep purple in color and its shape is like a top. The taste is a combination of mustard and ginseng. It is recorded that farmers on the island have grown turnips for more than a thousand years. 

[Passive Bio Farm]
Gookwon Gwon, CEO of Passive Bio Farm, has cultivated turnip on Ganghwa Island for 20 years. Introducing smart cultivation system against climate change, he has developed and released various turnip-driven foods such as juice, pills, vinegar, kimchi, snacks and bread. Turnip bread is made of turnip powder, wheat, lotus root, garlic, brown rice and vegetable lactobacillus. According to Gwon, turnip is good for hangover cure in addition to aforementioned benefits.

Ondolia is a planar heating element introduced by Passive Bio Farm. It emits far-infrared radiation without electromagnetic waves and has antibacterial, thermal, ripening, purification, drying, neutralization and resonance effects. Ondolia can be used in many areas from agriculture to medical and health devices. Planar heating element is used in the US to melt the frozen field in winter. The Ondolia film installed in Siberia, Russia, melted ice on the field in -42 degrees Celsius and helped lawn grow. Thanks to this excellent function, CEO Gwon has signed a $1.3 million deal with a company in Chicago, US and $700,000 deal with a Russian company. Prior to this, he signed $5 million deal with an Israeli company. “Ondolia not only melts the frozen field but also eases tensed muscle, dissolves body fat and helps activity of cells. If you grow turnip in an Ondolia smart farm, you can do three crops a year and you can harvest five crops a year if it is potato and sesame. What is more, Ondolia is semi-permanent if you do not give a devastating impact. In a word, it can save you cost while increasing productivity.” Currently, Ondolia film is installed in a 165,289 square meter strawberry farm in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, and in 10 blocks of seed ginseng cultivation field in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. (PowerKorea)

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