Smart Body Clean is a new urine and feces treatment device that removes stress of both patients and caregivers: MedieNviTech

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▲ MedieNviTech / CEO Namdu Kim

(PowerKorea) South Korea has entered an aged society. While many related businesses are opening up their doors, caregiver providers are also in much need as the number of patients and elderlies who need these services are increasing rapidly. 

A report says that the number of lying in a sickbed is estimated around 320,000 and the number of convalescent hospitals is 1,840. According to the law, one caregiver takes care of 2.5 patients. But experts point out that it means the caregiver has changed diapers of patients more than 12 times a day apart from serving meals and showers. 

Despite this high market demand, working environment of caregivers has not been improved much. Caregivers are especially struggling hard when it comes to taking care of urine and feces not to mention its physical and mental stress. Families of patients and elderlies also suffer from expensive cost of care services. 

Observing these difficulties, South Korean caregiver tech startup MedieNviTech rolled up sleeves and introduced a smart urine and feces device named Smart Body Clean after 12 years of passionate research and trials. 

Smart Body Clean
Smart Body Clean is loaded with cutting edge sensors and AI mechanisms that treats urine and feces and cleans and dries the skin. When a patient releases, the sensor detects it and absorbs it into a hose to send it to sludge bin. The spray then cleans the skin and dries it. In the sludge bin is the 2 bio microorganism filters that remove the odor completely. 

Smart Body Clean takes ‘aero circulation system’, aka high pressure open circulatory system, to keep the balance of the pressure. No leak of release and no risk of rupture as a result. Smart Body Clean’s deodorization on NH₃, CH₃)₃N, H₂S and CH₃SH is far above the standard of the Ministry of Environment proved by tests.

To get rid of the urine and feces, you just turn the handle to drop them and give a shot of shower to clean. When the feces are full or no water is found, Smart Body Clean lets you know with the sound of voice in advance. 

Rational price
Despite these innovative functions, the price of Smart Body Clean is twice cheaper than the existing counterparts sold in the market. Many experts in the industry agree that Smart Body Clean is cost effective, time effective and stress free. 

CEO Kim calculates that it can save up to 1.05 million won ($907) if saying that a patient uses 3 diapers a day while the labor cost of hiring a caregiver also can be reduced by 9 million won a year. 

Smart Body Clean is set to release in September but CEO Kim has received more than 1,500 units of pre-orders already from convalescent hospitals nationwide. Inquiries are also coming from overseas including the US, India and China. With confidence, Kim is preparing to list Smart Body Clean in the Public Procurement Service. 

Advanced technology of MedieNviTech
Kim worked for a large Japanese electronics company as a developer. He bought a Japanese automated urine and feces treatment device in 2009 for his grandmother who suffered from geriatric illness as well as his mother who took care of her. But he found the device useless and jumped into development of his own device and succeeded introducing Smart Body Clean.

Smart Body Clean has won numerous prizes including the best prize at the 2019 Medical Device Startup Competition. The advanced technology of MedieNviTech is being recognized by many industry experts and organizations including Shinan Bank, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Korean Convalescent Hospital Association. 

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