Moon attends 76th Liberation Day ceremony

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(PowerKorea) President Moon attended the 76th Liberation Day ceremony held at the Culture Station Seoul 284 on August 15. Below are the excerpts of his speech:

Koreans brought liberation from strong will for independence, freedom and humanity. We have walked the path no other have taken and set a role model for developing countries. Those who have been abroad will know that how Korea and Koreans are received. We must be proud of ourselves and it is time for us to dream a new dream. 

Today, the remains of the independence activist General Beomdo Hong is arriving at his homeland. It is our duty and honor to bring remains of independence heroes to their country. 

The hope and heartwarming we felt on the day of liberation is our future and the driving force of Korea being the 10th largest economy in the world and 6th military power in the world as well as excellent culture and art. 

Our ancestors gave us how to work together despite all those indignity, discrimination, violence and exploitation we endured during the colonial era. Yet we chose tolerance over revenge after the liberation and the South Korean government is open for dialogue to Japan to work together against international threats. 

I’m proud to say that Koreans are dealing with the pandemic better than any other people in the world and we expect 70% of the Koreans will be twice vaccinated by the end of October. It is meaningful that South Korea has been invited to G7 two years in a row and we will contribute to rebuilding global economy and world peace. 

South Korea will leap forward toward a global vaccine hub and take actions against climate change. Two Koreas in hostility are but obstacle to growth and prosperity and we should make a good model where two Koreas work in harmony and contribute to peace in the Far East Asia. //

Attended and engaged on the day were announcer Seongjae Bae, actor Doona Bae, Hongchul Yeo, Seonjeong Yeo, child actor Joon Kim, aerospace researcher Uigun Kim, Tokyo Olympics medalist Woongtae Jun. 

Posthumous ceremony in honor of General Beomdo Hong

On August 17, Moon held a posthumous ceremony in honor of General Beomdo Hong. Attended on the day was Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Moon said “We brought back remains of General Beomdo Hong to his homeland and gave him the highest honor: Order of Merit for National Foundation, Republic of Korea Medal. South Korean government formerly awarded Presidential Medal on him in 1962 but he was not known much to us until 1980. Hong is not only the pride of Koreans in the Korean Peninsula but also Koreans in the Central Asia. The friendship between South Korea and Kazakhstan is more than diplomatic relations and we would like to show respect to President Tokayev and the people who helped us bring back remains of Hong as well as Bongwoo Keyae and Wunjeong Hwang.” 

Tokayev said in response “It is the expression of respect and interest to Koreans in Kazakhstan to bring back remains of General Hong to his homeland and it is meaningful that the ceremony was held in accordance with my official visit to South Korea. The ceremony will be an important and historic event for both countries. Many Koreans were forced to move to Kazakhstan back in the days but many minorities in the countries have kept their language, culture and religion. I hope the friendship between the two countries will become stronger than ever.”

The medal awarded on Hong was received by Wonshik Woo, Chairman of the Hong Beom Do Commemoration Foundation. At the burial ceremony held on August 18 at the Daejeon National Cemetery, Korean memorial flower chrysanthemum and Kazakhstan counterpart carnation were laid. The soils from the original burial site in Kazakhstan were mixed with soils in the homeland. Attended on the day were leaders of political parties, National Defense Minister, military chiefs of staff, Commander of Marine Corps, Captain of ROKS Hong Beom-do submarine and other officials of related organizations.   

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