BIGFANs keeps temperature evenly, circulates air, saves energy bill and reduces carbon dioxide: Enerzip

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▲ Enerzip CEO Heonseong Hwang

(PowerKorea) According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, more than 150 workers affected by heat wave of which 16% lost their lives for the last 5 years. Average temperature in Seoul last July was 32 degrees Celsius and experts voice together that abnormally high temperature in summer will continue. Factories and warehouses are especially vulnerable to heat wave and things get worse if they have high ceilings and wide work areas. In this respect, South Korean low energy construction materials company Enerzip’s innovative BIGFANs is worth an attention. 

A delivery worker at a shipping company’s terminal in Busan collapsed while loading a truck and lost consciousness. The temperature inside terminal at that time was 39.4 degrees Celsius. It has no ventilators and windows but only fans which did not help much to cool down the temperature. “It is difficult to install air conditioner in warehouses and fans do not help much either. So something effective measures must be brought up” says Heonseong Hwang, CEO of Enerzip. Hwang introduced HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) Fan to South Korea in 2018. BIGFANs’ ceiling fan is receiving explosive response from logistic business since it was released on the market and it has been installed in CJ logistics centers nationwide. I actually paid a visit to a site (300m²) where 3 of BIGFAN’s ceiling fans (model BF73C) are installed in mid-July: the temperature recorded 36 degrees Celsius on the day and I felt as if air conditioner was fully operating.

Temperature and moisture go down, noise is zero
The data of the site provided by the company is as follows: 

Temperature and moisture
before operation: temp 39.5℃, moisture 43.2% / after op: temp 30.1℃, moi 52.5%
Surface temp
before op: temp upper 38℃, temp lower 32.℃ / after op: temp upper 30℃, temp lower 30℃
Carbon dioxide
before op: 820ppm / after op: 461ppm
Wind velocity
before op: 0.8m/s / after op: 6.9m/s
before op: 62dB / after op: 65dB
Intensity of illumination
Fan speed

The important part in the box is the surface temperature which is the same both upper and lower areas. The breakdown means that the fans will keep the temperature evenly in both summer and winter and they also prevents mold by circulating are further and wider.

8 hours daily a month costs appx 30,000 won
HVLS used to be installed mainly in cattle shed in advanced countries to remove odor and to circulate air and keep the temperature evenly. Big fans turn around slowly, send air further and wider and have less noise than normal fans. In terms of power consumption, big fans used 8 hours daily a month costs appx 30,000 won ($26) and can reduce usage of air conditioner and heater by 30%. 

More effective in humid vulnerable spaces
Ceiling fans are more effective in humid vulnerable spaces such as museums, research centers, aquariums and exhibition halls. They are also effective in multi-layered house as temperature between upper part and low part can be different. Otherwise, upper part only gets warm in winter and down part only gets cool in summer. 

8 pros of installing BIGFANs
1. Good money for value, desired size and desired brand from US, Canada, Italy and China
2. Pre-test at is display store
3. Data open: before-after installation comparison in temperature, moisture, carbon dioxide and rotation speed
4. Rental on 12 to 36 month instalment with transfer of ownership after expiration
5. Wanted logo and brand on wings
6. Deferred payment and compensation
7. Pay and visit consulting
8. Immediate change and after care services

All fans of Enerzip come with a 2 year warranty and any fault found in product will be changed promptly with new one and then an investigation take place to find the cause. This is because, says CEO Hwang, the business must go on. “I’m working on localizing all products by no later than next year so that more people can benefit from excellent functions and good value of money BIGFANs of Enerzip.”

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