South Korean 3D tech company 3D Automation builds global manufacturing partnership with its innovative digital engineering solutions

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Top Issue 1

▲ 3D Automation CEO Sangjin Lee

(PowerKorea) Engineering is an important part if manufacturing industry as a whole is to secure competitiveness in the global market. While many manufacturers are experiencing hardship, due to the pandemic for one reason, experts point out the need of digital engineering in order to survive in this competitive market. Most small and medium companies, however, are busy enough saving costs to make ends meet and ‘digital engineering’ for them is far-fetched. But not all are chasing after rainbows. A South Korean 3D tech company 3D Automation offers all-in-one digital engineering solutions for small and medium sized enterprises. 

Customized solutions for hassle-free manufacturing
Not many companies in South Korea offer solutions to make manufacturing easy and efficient. What 3D Automation does is to design and bring up optimized manufacturing solutions according to each different type of its client manufacturers. This includes customized design, emulation, 3D printing, 3D scanning, virtual test running and digital project management. The specialists at 3D Automation categorize manufacturing environment into materials, machines and human resources based on the purposes of the manufacturing. “If you made a product at your manufacturing facility and you found a fault and you throw it away and you make it again after finding the causes of the fault. This takes time, effort and money. If you use digital engineering, you can find the possible faults that might occur during the course of R&D and production before you actually put it into making. This save huge amount of time, effort and money and this is the point you need digital engineering” says Sangjin Lee, CEO of 3D Automation. To make things even more systematic, 3D Automation runs 3DStore where you can register your digital assets that are needed for manufacturing process and the registered assets are shared and traded through B2B, M&S, O2O and digital safe. 3D Automation’s engineering-thru is innovative as it runs design, planning, facility and test driving at one-go without a hassle on which you can see with your eyes the link between the virtual operation and the real operation. 

Front loading engineering
Front loading is to focus efforts, costs or expenses at the beginning of a project. Front loading engineering, in line, involves pre-project planning (PPP), front-end engineering design (FEED), feasibility analysis, conceptual planning, programming/schematic design and early project planning. It helps staff make decision fast, minimize errors, remove possible problems that can occur in advance, reduce investment cost, optimize resources and improve work environment. Specialists at 3D Automation have more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in the field and give their very best to build the most efficient digital engineering solution to each client company.

Partnership to create synergy
Fostering talented software manpower is one of the key elements in the digital age. For this, 3D Automation joined hands with public institutions and local educational institutions to foster future software experts who will lead the advancement of cutting edge technologies and systems in the nation. 3D Automation also joined hands with RC Korea, the exclusive distributor of Visual Components, as the official re-seller. Visual Components is a developer of 3D simulation software for manufacturing, and Visual Components software is used for applications including layout planning, production simulation, off-line programming and PLC verification. In line of this move, 3D Automation obtained Venture Enterprise Certificate and has applied for 3 patents at the moment. “One of my goals is to make virtual digital data as assets that can be traded on royalty-based. This is very important as it can help developers financially and protect their rights” emphasizes Lee.

Building a manufacturing metaverse
Lee and his team are ambitious to grow 3D Automation as a builder of manufacturing metaverse. Lee predicts that metaverse will evolve from 3D simulation to 3D emulation which will be linked to reality to digital twins and manufacturing metaverse. More specifically, he has mapped out the link from digital big data O2O platform to 3DStore to digital twins. “I and my team are determined to make this happen and we hope 3D Automation will play an important role to help small and medium South Korean enterprises raise their manufacturing competency in the global market.”

Top Issue 2

▲ A Poet and Bugan Elementary School Principal Jeong Ki-won

Walking a single path as an educator publishes his 9th book of poetry: Jeong Ki-won

(PowerKorea) Poetry is a type of writing implicative and rhythmic that stirs reader’s imagination and emotions. People who write poetry are poets who have distinguished eye to see things and unique interpretation of the phenomena happening around us. 

Jeong Ki-won, Principal of Bugan Elementary School, recently has published his 9th book of poetry. He graduated from Seoul Railroad High School and Jeonju National University of Education and has walked a single path as an educator ever since. He went through a number of elementary schools since his first teacher’s job at Jigok Elementary School in Yeongcheon in 1982. 

He was assigned to Sinnyeong Elementary School as principal in 2013, moved to Poeun Elementary School in 2017, to Pyungchun Elementary School in 2019 and to Bugan Elementary School as the same position last year. 

He debuted in the spring issue of Haedong Literature in 2015. He published his first book of poetry <Landscape of the Day> followed by <Spring Rain Falling>, <The Alley, The Streetlamp>, <Walking the Longing>, <Siting on an Empty Chair>, <Waiting for Dandelion Blooming>, <Breathing of Time>, <Solace for You and Me> and <Till the Day My Love in Poems Reaches You>. The latest book of poetry contains 114 poems themed on love.

“Everybody has something special: the heart that is generous and understanding, the nobleness of losing oneself for others, the patience for you. That is love. Jeong has written poems of love for many years when he thought about his parents, his missing old brother, his children, his wife’s rough hands, the women he loved when he was young. These loves are reborn splendidly as poems” says essayist report Choi Eun-ha.

“I’m pleased to publish my 9th book of poetry. I’m nearing my goal of completing the 10th book which will be my favorite poems” says Jeong.

Jeong has won a number of prizes and is a member of the Korean Writers Association, Gyeongbuk Writers Association and Yeongcheon Writers Association. 

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