Overcoming the limit of modern medicine, Diagnostic Four Pillars of Destiny is rising as an alternative

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Modern medicine, to my eye, seems to determine the cause of the disease and bring up a temporary expedient at the initial stage. What would be the problem of this? I think it is uniformity. For example, this medicine for diabetes or that medicine for high blood pressure, etc. The point I want to make is that it does not give much care about overall diagnosis of human body and nature but the symptom itself. I met Daehee Jeong, an autotherapy professor at Lordland University. He suffered from kidney trouble when he was young and studied oriental medicine in an effort to find a way to cure without a substantial result. He then turned his eye to Four Pillars of Destiny and found the answer. Continuing research, he became No.1261 of the Modern Koreans and received the 2021 Innovation Leader Awards in the preventive medicine. I sat down with him and heard about his Diagnostic Four Pillars of Destiny. 

Q. How food affects one’s personality?
If someone is irritable, angry and sensitive, that someone is received as negative. The first step to solution is to analyze where these negatives come from. Food, for example, can affect as each person has different reaction to each food. According to constitutional medicine, food is vitally related to one’s health and personality. In other words, finding one’s physical constitution and subsequent food can improve the aforesaid negatives. 

Q. Can Four Pillars of Destiny be an alternative to modern medicine?
I focus on changing diet habit as well as habit of the way they receive things. It is important for us to see things properly. For example, a child who often lets out bad words will not do it again if he/she knows the meaning of bad words. In my experience, many children swear without a reason but like a habit. So if we give some effort in finding what kind of habit we have, we can lead a better life. Four Pillars of Destiny is related to constitution medicine that each person has each different body constitution and thus each different food to take. I have engaged in more than 100,000 clinical tests and I found that the patterns of Four Pillars of Destiny and the mechanism of body structure are the same. If I can make this into data, it can lead to opening a new way of diagnosing one’s illness and finding a cure. 

Q. Are Four Pillars of Destiny, autotherapy and energy therapy share similar areas of study and practice?
I have studied Four Pillars of Destiny for over 20 years. I used to use the word ‘constitutional counseling psychology’ at the initial stage. It might seem similar to autotherapy and energy therapy in terms of structure but they are essentially different areas. I rather found more people want to know about ‘Diagnostic Four Pillars of Destiny’ because at the end of the day what we all want to know is ways to having a healthy body and mind rather than predicting future course of our life. 

Q. Is there any prejudice towards your medical practice in South Korea?
Using Four Pillars of Destiny in consulting is received as a medical practice to a certain level overseas. Ironically, it is not in homeland. It looks like we can never penetrate the stronghold of the current medical circle and system because they are right and we are intruders. It is regretful that the industry is not open to other possibilities.  

Q. I heard you went to Australia for research?
Yes. I went to Australia in 2018. Four Pillars of Destiny is designed for people in the northern hemisphere. So I had to find ways to apply to people in the southern hemisphere and I found it and drew a substantial result: I studied the food they eat and checked their conditions every day. In my experience, Koreans are not that surprised if someone say he/she got better after taking certain food. But Australians took it the other way. It was a momentum for me to establish ‘Diagnostic Four Pillars of Destiny’ in a medical point of view. It was a great first step for me. 

Q. Lastly, would you give an advice to PowerKorea readers?

A. Elderlies show great interest in my Diagnostic Four Pillars of Destiny. I take this as they have more interest in leading a healthy and energetic life than other age groups. So called ‘mukbang’ (eating show) on TV and social media I think is very serious. It affects people’s health rather badly I reckon. To my eye, most food they promote is unhealthy. It seems like eating more has become a virtue which obviously is no good for our health. We cannot feel the seriousness but we can after a few years if we continue this bad habit. It is such an irony that eating show aired at night and health talk show aired in the morning. We need to think about this. 

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