Moon listens to 54 parts, materials and equipment company and organization leaders

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(PowerKorea) President Moon attended the meeting with leaders of 54 parts, materials and equipment companies held at the Korea International Trade Association building on July 2. He was briefed on the results of the last 2 years of the government support and listened to their opinions. 

Dongjin Semichem Deputy Chairman Junheok Lee said “We were focusing on localizing parts when Japan put a restriction on parts import which actually played an opportunity for us. We have completed development of ArF Imm and reached to the level of Japan in KrF, ArF Dry and ArF Imm. We are also working hard on EUV PR.”

NF overseas division head Jeongduk Park said “While in India, we were supplied 6 oxygenators from South Korea due to the explosive number of patients with serious cases of the virus and they helped us treat more than 150 patients. To meet the increasing demand overseas, we built factory in the local on support of the central government and Busan Metropolitan City.”

Inzi Controls CEO Guyong Jeong said “With help of the The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, we developed battery parts and temperature control systems for electric and hydrogen vehicles. Encouraged by this, we are making investment aggressively.”

Enkem Director Beongwon Lee said “According to the government’s battery localization policy, we are pouring our energy to make contributions as a partner company of LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation.”

S&S Tech CEO Suhong Jeong said “We localized blank mask which is a core part of semiconductor followed by development of EUV blank mask and EUV pelicle.” 

SK Global Chemical CEO Keongsu Na said “We have led petrochemicals industry but we are now making investment in plastic reuse. We are working on development of pyrolysis-derived that can make crude oil from used plastic and we are targeting 100% recycle of raw plastic materials.”

Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chairman Chey Tae-won said “If the last 2 years were a period of overcoming the crisis, we now have to equip with global competitiveness through cooperation and social contribution.”

Korea International Trade Association President Christopher Koo said “If we wisely use supplier companies in advanced countries, we can lead the world in cutting edge tech industry by leaving China far behind. In order to do that, we need unsparing support of government in finance, manpower and tax benefit.”

Moon said “The government support should be made to whole parts, materials and equipment industry over a certain field. The government also needs to provide support for Korean companies to win the patent disputes. We will keep listening carefully to needs and wants of companies to bring appropriate, effective and efficient support and measures.”

Moon holds economic ministers meeting
President Moon held an economic ministers meeting at the Blue House on July 29 and asked the attendees that we needed to provide necessary support for ordinary people who were suffering from tight budget due to the pandemic. 

“The situation gets serious and the tougher restriction is damaging the operation of small businesses. We need to make sure of compensation for loss which will take place October this year alongside the hope-recovery fund which should be distributed on August 17” emphasized Moon.

He continued “Job is the key to economy and we need to expand support to tourism industry and young job seekers as well as disadvantaged groups of our society. It is also necessary to push forward the whole people national insurance system according to plan.”

He then asked the attendees to bring up low income-friendly loans including people with low credit rate so that they could have a loan when they were in need while also make an effort in credit recovery of people with bad credit standing when they have paid off. 

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