Namhae Season Tourist Hotel plays a key role in promoting regional culture and tourism

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▲ Namhae Season Tourist Hotel CEO Yongin Song

(PowerKorea) Namhae is the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula and is in the center of Hallyeosudo. The coast is consisted of 68 islands big and small and has fantastic 12 sceneries. It is the home where the spirit of Admiral Sunshin Lee resides. Bori hermitage is known to be one of the three Buddhist praying locations in the nation. It is said that prayers receive what they wish so many people pay a visit throughout the year. 

Excellent sunset and sunrise view over the sea
Namhae Season Tourist Hotel is received as the only premium resort hotel in the county. The hotel is located in Mulgun Fishing Port and it boasts fantastic view of the sunset and sunrise from the sea. It was first opened in 2004 as ‘namsong family hotel’ and was remodeled last June with the current name. As a premium resort hotel, all rooms are cooking-friendly, provide ocean view, and you do not need a membership to use the services but book a room anytime of the year. You can find a sunrise observatory, meeting rooms, coffee shop, restaurant, banquet hall, seminar room and singing room. Indoor swimming pool, camp area and caravan area are also soon to be added.

Convenient facilities
The banquet hall is divided into small, medium and large rooms and installed with sound and imaging systems. The event support team is ready to provide assistance at any time during the event. The restaurant offers fresh seasonal seafood caught in the sea, and hairtail stew or raw and abalone porridge are very popular. Breakfast is offered daily and you can find singing bar, convenient store, fishing rod rental station, barbeque, walking trail and many more. Quarantine is done on a daily basis and depending on the season, you can see a variety of flowers in and around the hotel. In June particular, everybody can pick apricot and taste apricot-based food.

Exotic trails to choose from 1 to 6 courses
The first course leads to Wind Break Forest of Mulgeon-ri and Mulmee coast. The second course leads to Namhae German Village where you can see German style of houses and the lives of Korean miners and nurses in Germany in the 60s and 70s. The third course leads to gardens. The fourth course leads to activity skywalk on which you might feel like you are walking in the sky. The fifth course leads to Mijo Fishing Port located at the southern tip of the county and you can meet anchovy in the spring. The sixth course leads to Sangju Silver Sand Beach on which you can idle around either on the sand or the pine forest behind. 

Historic and natural trails to choose from 7 to 12 courses
The seven course leads to Darangyi Village rooted on a slope of 45 degrees that boasts 108 stairs and 680 rice paddies. The eighth course leads to Kum Mountain where Bori hermitage is erected on top. The ninth course leads to Namhae Yangtte Ranch Yangmori School where you can enjoy walking the ranch while watching lambs grazing the grass. The tenth course leads to Namhae Bridge and Chungleol Shrine and you can see the magnificent 80 meter high and 660 meter long bridge which is known as one of the most beautiful bridges in the nation or you can visit Chungleol Shrine in which the remains of Admiral Sunshin Lee is resting. The 11th course leads to Songjeong Sobaram Beach, a 4km apart from Sangju Silver Sand Beach. The 12th course leads to No Island where Manjung Kim, a writer in Joseon period, was exiled 

Namhae Season Tourist Hotel plays a key role in regional tourism
Yongin Song, CEO of Namhae Season Tourist Hotel, traveled Namhae by chance. Enchanted by the beautiful scenery, he took over the hotel in an effort to make contributions to the region. He put up a slogan ‘from resting hotel to fun hotel’ and introduced the region’s first resort hotel with premium services. In recognition, he received the 2020 Korean Awards in the economic and management contribution category. He is planning to join hands with local festivals and events big or small to promote regional tourism while providing pick up services for guests coming from Sacheon Airport and Jinju KTX as well as car rental services. CEO Song says “Namhae Season Tourist Hotel will embrace culture, tourism, leisure and art and will play a key role in promoting regional culture and tourism.”

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