South Korean GrapheneLab succeeds world’s first mass produced CVD graphene and won Innovative New Material at 2021 Korea Future Management Awards

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▲ GrapheneLab / CEO Gwon Yong-duk

(PowerKorea) Graphene is an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms. Graphene is received as the best characterized material existent. The thickness is only 0.2mm which makes it high transparency and it can receive 100 times more electric current than copper and 100 times faster than silicon at high temperatures. The heat conduction quality is 2 times more than diamond and the mechanic strength is 200 times stronger than steel. 

Yet elasticity is so good that it keeps conductivity even in bending and folding. A test in the US says that graphene has even sterilization effect. Graphene is expected to be used in flexible display, touch panel, LED light, PC, solar cell, secondary cell, fuel cell, vehicle exterior material, aerospace parts, OLED, vacuum packaging insulation, conductivity ink, EMI absorbing paint and many more.

GrapheneLab is the South Korean company that succeeded the mass produce of CVD graphene for the first time in the world. There are a number of fabrication methods for graphene such as LPE, CVD and PLD. GrapheneLab used CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) which is a coating process that uses thermally induced chemical reactions at the surface of a heated substrate with reagents supplied in gaseous form. 

The company possesses CVD synthesis knowhow and surface resistance control techniques as well as the production facilities needed for mass produce of CVD graphene. The CVD graphene films produced by GrapheneLab are: PET, Si02 Wafer, PI and Glass supplied in various sizes of 1600X900, 500X600 and 300X400. 1600X900 especially can only be produced and supplied by GrapheneLab.

The company developed a flaw-minimization method that can increase transport number when in synthesis and a seed free making technique for application of semiconductor materials. Other techniques include: flexible OLED transparent subdural electrode making appraisal technique, OLED FMM production technique, OLED process application barrier film-making technique and the world’s first graphene etching doping technique which realized 40 ohm surface-resistance technique. 

In 2017, the company developed the clear electrode that can be applied to flexible and transparent display which was applied to OLED display for the first time in the world. GrapheneLab now has finished its product lineup including graphene pellicle, GLO, graphene hydrogen gas sensor, FMM and various transparent surface heating elements.

The company has applied for 10 patents and obtained meanwhile a parts/materials/devices enterprise certificate, enterprise institute certificate, venture certificate, SME certificate, ISO9001 and ISO14001. Last April, GrapheneLab made a 3 billion won ($3.4 million) investment in a British company Versarien Plc with a goal to mass produce crude materials of CVD graphene and flake graphene simultaneously. 

In recognition of its excellence and contribution, GrapheneLab received Innovative New Material at the 2021 Korea Future Management Awards hosted by Herald Corporation in association with monthly PowerKorea. The company is preparing for KOSDAQ with KB Investment Corp as the organizer and is creating a 165, 289 square meter graphene cluster near Bibong IC in Hwaseong next year. CEO Gwon Yong-duk targets 3 billion won ($2.6 million) sales this year, 80 billion won next year and 250 billion won following year. 

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