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It is really hard to get into top universities in South Korea. Some students, therefore, turn their eye to overseas. But there is another reason: they can choose the major they want unlike in South Korea where most students seem to get the title of top university regardless the major. 

ACSA stands for American Collegiate Scholarship Association. It is a university entrance exam project for students who like sports and wish to study in the US on scholarship. Unlike South Korea where standing long jump, sit-up and shuttle run take advantage, sports like football, golf, swimming and tennis take advantage in the US. 

Kolon Sporex boasts optimum sports facilities in the nation and it has launched a global academy class with Bichaena Academy CEO Sam Yoon in charge of ACSA. Yoon has years of experience in various organizations and companies and showed his strong will of providing a new hope to students who are tired of standardized education system in South Korea. He says he is confident to foster globally talented young athletes through excellent programs of Bichaena Academy. 


Q. You have endeavored to spread advanced culture through various concerts, performances and festivals including the World Cultural Forum Bichaena. What made you grow interest in ACSA?


A. Bichaena has 9 core values, and education and culture are among them. I had a chance to meet Kim Young-mi, Director of Kolon Sporex, and was inspired by her passionate story about ACSA. I always thought of doing something that can help and benefit young people and ACSA was a refreshing jolt especially after I launched Bichaena Academy. So I willingly took the position and I’m determined to foster talented young people to be globally recognized through effective programs and efficient networks. 


▲ Bichaena Academy / CEO Sam Yoon

Q. In the US, over 2,000 scholarship programs are running including for foreign students. Does this mean ACSA can help Korean students?

A. It does. And I assure you that ACSA is built effectively and efficiently with focus on the importance of the very basics that are needed for principles and laws. You can compare it with the takeover zone where runners take over the baton to run again in a chain. My name is Sam Yoon. Sam is a common name in English but I mean it to be the short of Sport, Art and Music. I served as the president of the Sport for All Council for 8 years and proactively engaged in many sports events including PyeongChang 2018, World Taekwondo Championships and the TAFISA World Congress which was attended by 103 countries in the world. During this important period, I learned that how important sports can affect our lives. 

Q. What makes global education program different from South Korea’s standardized education?

A. The problem we have here is that most students just follow the guidelines provided for them according to their scores rather than one’s own aptitude, talent and above all the will. Every one of us is different. We have different character, different talent and different dream. We live in different environment like some live in Africa and some in Alaska. So the system better needs to suit each one’s aptitude, talent and dream as much as it can possible. The more open the better for students to spread their wings. It is notable that South Korea ranked the top 5% in many sports events. ACSA, therefore, will lay a springboard for them to be the top 1%. 

Q. How Bichaena and Kolon Sporex can help?

A. We will help students get into university they want in the US. We will use the most of ACSA to grow our students as global talents in the field. What is more important than talent is to train their mind to be big and global and challenging. I always ask whenever I meet young people why do you not challenge the world. It is regretful for me to see students in their near 20 still have not decided what they want to do and what they want to achieve. So here is Bichaena and Kolon Sporex for you to spread your wings of dream. 

Q. Lastly, would like to say something to young people in South Korea?

A. Young means you will have many opportunities and possibilities. You can challenge whatever it is to see how far you can go and do in what field. So gain I ask you to challenge. Bichaena and Kolon Sporex firmly believe you can do it and we will provide unsparing effort and support in the way. 

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