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▲ Green Life / Director Han Sung-jae

(PowerKorea) Ginseng is the most common functional food taken by Koreans. Saponin in ginseng is known to help strengthen immunity and circulate blood and prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. Recently, a number of new benefits of ginseng are widespread: it deters production of melanin, makes the skin white and removes the waste. Naturally, cosmetics companies use ginseng as a luxury ingredient and related products are pouring in on the market. 

The problem, however, is excessive use of agricultural chemicals. The reason is that ginseng is easily affected by the weather, disease and insects and farmers should effectively fight against these factors for more than 5 years. Consumers who heard about this try to avoid ginseng products and it makes farmers and companies diligent in producing chemical-free products.

Farmers usually spray chemicals around 100 to 200 times during the 6 year cycle of cultivating ginseng. For this reason, more than standard amount of chemicals are often found in ginseng at the test; sometimes, Chinese ginseng that contains 115 times more chemical amounts are sold on the market with a mark of Korean ginseng which is very worrying.

Green Life is a South Korean agricultural corporation that developed a pesticide-free ginseng cultivation system. So called ‘water molecule transforming sterilizer’ is received as innovation among the industry circles. The system and the device are the results of the collaboration between Green Life and research teams of Chungnam National University and Mokwon University. It is estimated that around 40 farm houses nationwide are using this system to cultivate chemical-free ginseng. According to a research by the teams, farmers can save up to 95% labor depending on the land, 4 times more dense planting and 5 times faster cultivation. 

Ginseng cultivated by these farm houses have gone through various tests on 320 kinds of agricultural chemicals and 15 kinds of harmful substances. And they all passed without a single kind detection. Because no agricultural chemicals are found, farmers and companies can use the whole ginseng including the leaves, stems and flowers to make an eco-friendly ginseng product. The teams also found that the ginseng cultivated in these farm houses contain 21 times more Re substance than the roots of 6 year old ginseng. Also, RD sponin is 132 times more contained. These substances are known to be good for blood pressure, diabetes, cell protection, immunity, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation. 

Han Sung-jae, Director of Green Life, says “Our highly concentrated ginseng extract is excellent in both quality and production. Large companies have already shown a great interest in this extract and a company actually took one and requested a test and the result was that tens of times more saponin than other products on the market.”

According to a number of research findings, saponin in ginseng can prevent freckles, blemishes and wrinkles and the leaves and stems have whitening effect. And Green Life’s Royal Ginseng foundation lines contain rich F5 substance and 132 times more saponin than 6 year old ginseng on the market. 

The foundation lines are good for whitening, freckles, blemishes, wrinkles and moisturizing. Squalane in the products in particular helps maximize the whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. 

Green Life’s non-agricultural chemical and highly concentrated ginseng saponin extract is registered as patent No.10-2082248. It is made of 50% ginseng, 30% leaves, 15% stems and 5% flowers. Green Life’s high concentrated ample also can save more than 40% of material cost. 

The Royal Ginseng foundation lines are being sold at 70 Shilla duty free nationwide, Naver and a duty free in Australia as well as various online markets. Green Life recently has signed a supply contract with GS Retail and is working on a deal with Amway America at the moment. 10 countries have asked samples and received and numerous companies are in negotiation for import. 

Green Life has obtained certification from FDA US, FDA Thailand and related Vietnamese and Japanese authorities. Recently, Green Life joined hands with Hannam University College of Pharmacy and Chungnam National University College of Pharmacy to won the bid for ‘the project of chemical-free ginseng formulation for diabetes’ of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs by beating 24 competitive bidders. 600 million won ($537,875) subsidy is to be given to the winner.

“The project will propel development of ‘glycemic control functional amadori compound high content pesticide-free ginseng formulated medicine’. It is our goal to grow Green Life to be the top cosmetics brand in the world in the future and we will keep pushing forward our passion and hard work until the time comes” says Han.

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