Gungang Nanum kiosk can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction by 30% while reducing operation costs by 30%

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▲ Gungang Nanum / CEO Lee Hyung-dae

It is noteworthy that more than 90% of sports and cultural facilities run by facilities corporations are drowning in red ink financially. Experts are pointing out the need for structural reform.

According to Lee Hyung-dae, CEO of Gungang Nanum, labor cost takes around 50% of the deficit followed by water and heating bills around 30% to 40% and goods and materials around 10% to 20%, resulting in poor services to the members of the facilities. He points out using kiosk system can be a good way to cut down the cost.

Gungang Nanum is a company specialized in sports facility operation and management solutions. The kiosk made by the company is loaded with innovative multi-functional hardware and efficient software. In and out log is automated as well as payment and online booking and it also carries out statistics and accounting which formerly were the jobs of a man. 

The face and finger print recognition makes the process easy and the automated daily sales and visitors report significantly reduced the workload of the managers who were otherwise busy enough to stay late night. The data base is connected to the data base of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety that helps recognize concessions (patriots and veterans and basic living recipients). 

“The kiosk is customized according to the purpose of the facilities: sports centers, culture centers, indoor golf courses, fitness centers, water parks, etc. This tailor-made kiosk maximizes efficiency wherever it is installed. The kiosk installed in Changwon International Shooting Range, for example, manages everything it needed including in and out log and registering the use of the guns. When a gun is not returned in time, the kiosk alarms a bell” says Lee.

When installed in facilities corporations, the tailor-made kiosk carries out the necessary jobs from facility management and operation to registering staff with different roles and ranks to limit the accessibility. All necessary information is shown in real time. If installed in a golf course, the tailor-made kiosk even checks the batter’s boxes in real time to let the manager know how many players are there playing at the moment.

In addition, the kiosk let the manager know the usage of water, gas and electricity in real time and calculates the yearly usage into money as well as per person cost. This reduces the operation cost significantly by cutting the unnecessary running of the systems. 

“I can compare the Gungang Nanum kiosk like the phrase ‘jack of all trades and master of all’. It carries out jobs for managers, shows the data in real time, books people, registers people come and go, calculates wages of staff and many more.”

Lee majored in sports and worked in sports centers for 25 years. In other words, he knows what is needed and what must be done to improve things in sports facilities more than anyone else. 25 years of expertise in the field has equipped him mastery knowledge and technique and it is his goal to grow Gungang Nanum as the best sports facility operation solutions company in South Korea.

“I’m confident to say that the Gungang Nanum kiosk can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction by 30% while reducing the operation costs by 30%.” PowerKorea

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