40 years of passion and expertise in cypress brings eco-friendly health functional thermal products to our home

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▲ Eco Friendly Cypress Art / CEO Park Sung-ju

People live longer than before. Some say it is the age of homo-hundred where many people can live up to 100 years. Some argue that quality of life is more important than how longer we live. Whichever side you put more value, we all might agree that living a healthy life can make us happy. 

While there are many options of health functional food, goods and services on the market, ‘forest healing’ is growing fast as one of the keywords in South Korea. Some academic papers are reporting that lower-body bathing, sauna, thermo-massage and footbath might help strengthen immunity of our body. Naturally, the demands are high in the market.

Reading the market trend with keen eye, Eco Friendly Cypress Art CEO Park Sung-ju is introducing cypress-based health functional products. PowerKorea paid a visit to the company’s huge showroom in Goyang City, a short northwest drive from Seoul.

Entering the 330 square meter showroom, the roomful of the fresh cypress scent welcomes you as if you have just stepped into a forest. All cypress products in the showroom are handmade by women developers and master carpenters who have 40 years of experience in the field. According to Park, cypress has a number of health beneficial effects: antibacterial, sterilization, deodorization, air purification, humid adjustment and easing sick house syndrome. 

“Eco Friendly Cypress Art is second to none when it comes to cypress-based health functional products. My team and I have high level of technique and knowledge and our thermal bed, hipbath, sauna bath and footbath are the best in the market. Thermal bed in particular emits phytoncide and far-infrared radiation without any harmful electromagnetic waves because we do not use electric wires. Instead, we use the heat sticks made of 8 kinds of natural gemstones. The heat sticks deliver the heat 1,000 times faster than copper without producing any harmful substances such as cancer-causing agents.” 

It is notable that the thermal plates are made of illite and hardwood charcoal. Illite is known to have a number of beneficial functions: resolving harmful gas, antibacterial and creating anion. Under the illite lied high elastic eco-friendly cushion. Hardwood charcoal, on the other hand, emits far-infrared radiation that can go into the skin to stimulate cytogenous. 

“Everybody needs a bed. When you buy a bed, you had better consider whether it is eco-friendly and healthy. I can confidently say that we make thermal beds as if our families and friends are using. From the frame to finish, the beds are full of beneficial materials and functions.”

Alongside the thermal beds, hipbath and sauna are two hottest sellers. Hipbath is made of red clay, charcoal, illite and solid cypress wood which is vacuum-dried to prevent the twist and the crack; also instead of direct heat, the hipbath is designed to use radiant heat to remove stuffiness during the bath; the chair is ergonomically designed to ease fatigue; and there are 6 lines of hipbath to choose.

“We developed a sauna system that can use hot water heat only. It does not produce electromagnetic waves and it keeps the room fresh and nice. The wall of the sauna is red clay and the far-infrared radiation helps blood circulation. It is comfortable seating for a long time and you can even take a nap. What is more, you can save up to 30% electricity bill when compared to electricity heater or sauna.”

Temperature and immunity in our body have a close relationship. If temperature goes up by 1 degree, the level of immunity goes up 5 times. If temperature drops by 0.5 degree, the body gets shivering and the skin white. The Greek physician Hippocrates said that any disease, except incurables, could be overcame by using hyperthermia. CEO Park is proudly holding more than 40 patents. PowerKorea

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