Park is the fourth Korean artist who sells his works on ebay

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▲ Artist Park Soo-bok (Lucas Park)

Artist Park Su-bok has been invited by Russian government to hold an exhibition on the occasion of launching 'global ebay' at an international music festival in Omsk Museums, July this year. Park is also set to perform alongside with Omsk Philharmonic Orchestra during the exhibition. 

Park calls this performance as perhamming (performance + happening) action performance. According to him, perhamming is melted with his 'trinity (nature, universe and man) method'. While the orchestra plays the music, he gathers inspiration from the sound and delivers it onto the canvas in images with fast and instantaneous movement of the brush. He has given this unique performance in Japan, Czechia, Austria and the US (some of them have been bought and displayed in Cezechia and Austria).

100 of his works are on sale on ebay (Lucas art store) and he is the fourth Korean artist to do this (search soobok park). The price ranges from 10 million won (9,018 USD) to 2 billion won (1.8 million USD). He has appeared on a number of tv shows including KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). 

"People tend to find reasons to feel supreme over others such as colors or cultures. But I think we all are the saving living things on earth and it is meaningless to feel or make the difference. My works are collaborations of west and east. For me collaborations create variety" says Park.

Park likes to break the borders, to see beyond what we see and to have passion in what he is doing. He is ever thirst for the new and it leads him to an enlightenment. 

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