“Working and trying, that is the fulfillment of life” Lim Cheon Choi Seung-woo, writer Inhwa Moon

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▲ Lim Cheon Choi Seung-woo, writer Inhwa Moon

Mun Inhwa is a word that refers to paintings drawn as a hobby by scholars and grandfathers who do not use painting as a profession, and was created to distinguish them from paintings by professional painters, that is, painters. In particular, the characteristics of literary painting are focused on revealing the artist's own inner world rather than a specific technique or external beauty. I met Choi Seung-woo and Moon In-hwa. 

Born in Jiksan-myeon, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Imcheon Artist Seung-Woo Choi has been working with a strong sense of service since the 1960s, earning a salary for a kilogram of rice for 11 years at a high school civil school that teaches students with difficult home conditions. Even afterwards, he worked as a manager for four years at Sung-Hwan Dong-Sung Recommended Middle School for students who could not attend regular middle school due to family difficulties. He is a veteran educator and volunteer retired from retirement as an educator, serving as a boy scout for 23 years at Cheonseong Middle School, earning a salary less than half of other junior high schools, apostates all school students and apostates. 

His passion for art began with stamp collection in the 1960s, calligraphy at the age of 49, feng shui geography and pottery at the age of 57, and senior at the age of 60.
In the case of stamp work, he submitted 16 times at the Chungcheong Province stamp exhibition and received the Cheonan Shinmun for the Gold Award. I did. Here, he showed untiring enthusiasm, including special lectures for training executives and employees in the Chungcheong area, lectures at post offices in Chungcheong, and lectures related to stamps at elementary, middle and high schools, and participating in the Chungcheong Stamp Exhibition 10 times as a judge. 

Meanwhile, the artist Lim Cheon, who started learning photography from Mr. Il-won Bang at the Cheonan Senior Welfare Center, received a great response for his work directing the scene of praying in a place where he had a table and a table hanging on his back at Chopile Day Temple. And succeeded in winning the first prize in his life. Since then, taking pictures and studying with passion of all night and day, he became a regular member of the Korean Photographers Association within a year and won a bronze prize and a prize at the Eumseong Pumba Festival photo exhibition, and one of the four photographic works submitted was a bronze statue and three were won. It was also awarded the Gold Prize in the 12 Scenic Views of Cheonan and the Cheonan Love National Photo Contest. 

In the case of the literary painting, which symbolizes the artist Imcheon, in 1997, he entered the literary painting in earnest, and in 2009, while receiving a study from Kim Jin-guk, he submitted his works to 7 art exhibitions and received special selections. He won the second prize for his lotus flower work and was selected as an invited artist, showing his potential. 
In addition, he was invited to various invitations as an invited pottery artist with his passion and effort to draw pottery while driving to Icheon to exhibit at the national exhibition. After learning feng shui geography for two years, he taught several lectures in Seoul, and he also learned hand-held acupuncture, and has also published several cases in the book of first aid treatment for several people, such as repairing symptoms recommended for surgery with hand-held acupuncture needles. 

Choi Seung-woo, an artist who continues his active artistic activities in such various fields. Surprisingly, his interest is not limited to art. Lim Cheon, who has been working as an educator for a long time, started lectures on traditional culture and filial piety from the time he was in office with the thought of contributing to society even after retirement. Efforts are being made to revive our precious traditional etiquette culture in this era of turbulent education. 

Art is basically a difficult and difficult path, but the words of artist Lim Cheon that continue to go forward as an artist and as an educator without stopping to leave something in life seems to sharply awaken the modern world, where it is considered smart to obtain something without trying. 

Imcheon Choi Seung-woo, Moon In-hwa, won more than 150 awards, including the 2004 Korean Calligraphy Awards Gold Prize, the 2017 National Public Relations Exhibition Invitational Artist, Korea Art Museum Excellence Artist Award, and the Korea Art Competition Special Selection. As an invited artist and judge of various art festivals such as the Olympic World Korean Culture and Arts Exhibition, the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Movement, and the Korean Calligraphy Exhibition, he received more than 100 letters of appreciation and received appreciation plaques. In addition, he has been actively engaged in volunteer work in various fields as well as artistic activities by receiving the service award from the UN organization and the Dongjang and Silver medals, which are Boy Scouts' medals. 

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