South Korean total x-ray solutions company Poskom ranked No.1 in the world with the largest market share in portable x-ray machines

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▲ Poskom / CEOs Park Jong-rae and Sung Ki-bong

Poskom is a South Korean total x-ray solutions company founded in 1994. The company has accumulated unparalleled knowhow, experience and technology in designing and manufacturing highest quality diagnostic x-ray systems and the most versatile x-ray generators for both human and veterinary applications in the world. 

With higher than 70% of domestic market shares in x-ray generator field, the company is suppling top notch medical equipment with distinguished quality and expertise in x-ray generator & modules, mono-tank, NDT, portable x-ray (both AC powered and battery powered) mobile x-ray, general x-ray (floor-mounted & ceiling), C-Arm x-ray and veterinary x-ray all over the world. 

The company's portable x-ray units in particular have been holding the top brand recognition in the world and they are highly sought-after by many global medical doctors and veterinarians. The experts at Poskom are as equipped with professionalism in the field as their philosophy of walking together with the clients to create a healthier future for humanity through innovative technology and social responsibility. 

When the COVID-19 broke out early 2020, Poskom's state of the art x-ray equipment proved its handiness. The pandemic has made it hard for both doctors and patients to take a chest x-ray within the hospitals or medical facilities as the virus attacks the lung; and doctors feared the virus would spread to others. Poskom's 'portable x-ray machines' in this respect was like an oasis in the desert as it could be used at any walk-through screening stations. Poskom's portable x-ray machines were demanded immediately and largely by the US, Europe and many other countries and the company soon experienced that they were run out of stock.

Poskom's cutting edge generator technologies enable medical staff to screen the body with precision and accuracy at one go (generator is the core part of x-ray machines). The x-ray exposure time is shorter and it has reduced the level of radiation dose to both patients and operators significantly. Recognizing Poskom's capability and capacity as well as trustworthiness, many global medical equipment companies such as Philips, Hitachi, Fujifilm, etc. are joining hands with Poskom for OEM and ODM. It is noteworthy that Poskom holds ISO 13485 (medical device quality management system), CE marking (Europe), FDA (US), GOST-R (Russia) and MHLW (Japan).

It was such a remarkable feat in the medical equipment industry that South Korean Poskom introduced the world's first 'battery-type portable x-ray machine' in 2006. It gives as clear an image as plugged-in, saves the image automatically, and keeps the radiation dose minimum possible. Released this year, AirRay-20, for example, weighs only below 5kg(11lb) including battery and it works multi-functional covering from chest,  spine to L-spine; and it comes with a remote-control and wireless charging within the case. The AI function in the AirRay helps doctors find the exact location of the lesion and subsequent diagnosis easy and more accurate. You might also want to expect to see Airbile soon. It will be the lightest battery-type mobile x-ray machine in the world and it is designed super slim for extra-free movement. This is hugely thanks to CEOs Park Jong-rae and Sung Ki-bong's unsparing allocation of the 10 to 15% of the company's sales in R&D. 

According to a company official, Poskom is ranked first in the world with the largest market share in portable x-ray machines. PowerKorea.

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