Reading builds vocabulary as well as your knowledge pool, logical thinking and problem solving ability

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▲ DUX Education / Director Park Seol-hee

Started as an education and publishing company overseas in 1998, DUX Education made a strong presence in South Korea with its accumulated knowledge and experience of essay writing in English.

The flagship office in Daechi-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, the cradle of Korean education fervor, made such a buzz among students and parents alike when opened in 2007 and the company has ever since been on a roller coast of expansion to Seocho, Apgujeong, Junggye and over Bundang, Seongnam City and Centum and Dongnae, Busan. 

Taking the momentum, DUX put up a slogan '1% English essay' and is ambitious to firmly secure its leading status in the field. Behind this confidence lies the down-to-earth 63 steps of 12 year plan that helps students raise their reading and essaying ability to native level. Writing after reading is flawlessly linked to speaking without students even knowing but finding out what they are capable to do at the end. 

Each of 63 steps is carefully designed to meet each need and want of students through deep analysis on their pros and cons. Vocabulary is bring forth 3 months ahead of the set time to enhance repetition and familiarity with the vocabulary which then circulates from reading and listening to speaking and writing again and again. As a result, students can naturally be able to speak and write their thoughts and ideas by making the most of the vocabulary they have acquired. 

"Many Korean students still not being able to speak and write in English even after years of practice is because they do not 'Read'! In this respect, DUX down-to-earth critical reading extracted the very essence of the vocabulary needed for each step of reading that naturally leads to easy-to-follow speaking and writing practice. What is more? DUX CR English textbooks contain notable speeches of the renowned people in the world from philosophers and politicians to writers. Students read and write the speeches, develop into their own style, and eventually make their own speech and this is one of the many virtuous learning cycles of the DUX Education system" says Park Seol-hee, Director of DUX Education.

All native teachers at DUX are holders of English literature degree from prestigious universities within the Angloshere. A Korean teacher pairs up with a native teacher and they work as a team to conduct and manage students with utmost attention to detail to bring the best result possible.

"A globally renowned linguist and educational researcher Stephen Krashen once said reading from beginning to end alongside extensive reading raises one's writing ability and it is an important source of acquiring a language. Many English certification tests, in fact, require examinees to prove logical thinking rather than just communication skills. And these skills cannot be built in a day like Rome wasn't built in a day but through repeated and continuous reading from childhood."

Reading not only builds vocabulary but one's knowledge pool, logical thinking power and problem solving ability, according to experts at DUX. And the underage are better off doing it with a guide of experienced educators in the field. With raised national status of South Korea in the global stage, it is notable that more and more South Korean companies prefer job applicants equipped with these qualities to those with rote-learned cliches which were prevalent in the education industry for decades.  

For the last 24 years, experts at DUX have built teaching contents not from the armchair theories and arguments but from the field. The bubbles were scooped off in order to leave the very essence. And the effect of the contents have been well proved by the results of its own students and a number of prizes the company has won: 2019 Korea Education Company Awards and 2020 Korean Brilliant People & Brand Awards, to name just two recently. 

"We are set to open 6 more branches within the first half of the year 2021 and they are Dongtan, Songdo, Suncheon, Mok-dong, Godeok and Suseong Daegu. It is regretful to say that not all students in South Korea benefit from DUX state-of-the art teaching contents. So this year we will focus large part of our fire on 'penDUX', a new textbook melted with 24 years of our accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise in the field, so that more students in South Korea can benefit." PowerKorea.

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