Seven Point One's AlzWIN and Sentents bring advanced solutions to dementia prevention

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▲ Seven Point One / CEO Lee Hyeon Jun

South Korea entered into aging society in 2017 and concerns arose, especially among the aged, over prevention and treatment of dementia. According to a research, 1 out of 5 aged above 85, and 1 out of 8 aged above 65 suffer from dementia in South Korea. The medical circles classify people above 60 as high risk dementia group of the society. 

Luckily in South Korea, citizens can take free diagnosis at designated centers, nevertheless, it takes nearly 3 years from the first dementia symptom to opening the doors of the centers. Plus, despite the government's years of efforts in introducing preventive programs, and also without proper medicine to treat the disease yet, substantial results still seem a long way to go. The most effective solution, however, is to find the symptoms in early stage though it is not as easy as it sounds.

"Around 70 factors have been reported to cause dementia and about 20~30% of those can be cured if discovered and treated early in progress. Additionally, Alzheimer's, which takes up most of the remaining incurable 60~70%, has no remedy to stop the progression, but early detection can slow the progress. So again at this stage, it is very crucial to find the symptoms and high risk groups early" says Lee Hyeon Jun, CEO of Seven Point One. 

Seven Point One is famous for AlzWIN, the untact dementia diagnosis solution, that carries out early detection in high risk group and helps their cognition ability through VR cognition improvement contents. AlzWIN finds high risk group within 3 minutes through its 2 minute simple questionnaire such as naming an animal. This solution has been co-developed and examined by Seoul National University Hospital professor Kim Ki-woong since 2012 (Three IRB approved tests on nearly 2,000 individuals).

AlzWIN enables testees to carry out a test on a phone call or by downloading the app on their smart phone and the results will be released in 3 minutes. When you are categorized as high risk group, you are guided to a hospital to take further test to get the final diagnosis. 

If AlzWIN is a technique to find high risk group, Sentents is a VR-driven cognition improvement technique. It is designed to help high risk group to prevent dementia or slower the process: mild - moderate - severe. Sentents, in a way, is a fun to do as it helps the person conjure up memories in the past from relationships to unforgettable places and moments to stimulate the brain activity. 

"Most people hold long term memories while losing short term memories. Sentents stimulates this long term memories to improve depression, self-esteem and cognition ability" explains Lee.

"This memory-conjuring method is widely used in Europe and the US. People share their feelings in the past with people around them in a way to prevent dementia. Alongside this cost-effective preventive method, the governments are investing in equipment and facilities." Lee adds.

With innovative AlzWIN and Sentents ready to jump, Seven Point One is set to push forward cooperation with large internet portal providers and life insurance companies as well as government departments to bring forth more effective and efficient dementia prevention solutions to the people. 

As Seven Point One has excellent AI and game sector engineer pools, CEO Lee is confident to bring forth advanced dementia prevention solutions. PowerKorea → powering Korean companies to the world!

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