South Korean corn-fuelled barbecue grill goes global for cost-effective, eco-friendly and above all the taste!

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Barbecue is one of the most popular ways to enjoy meat. And Korean's love of grilled meat is second to none as you can easily see people in tows and threes gathering around the charcoal smoked table in a restaurant while you are walking by.

Kim Jin-sung, CEO of IBC, ran a business in the US and happened to know that corns could be used as fuel for grill. Curiosity arose, he launched a research and found out the way it can be used in the Korean market. Thus introduced was the cost-effective and eco-friendly corn-fuelled barbecue grill. 

Eco-friendly as it is, 1kg of corn can burn for 3 hours without emitting harmful substances like charcoal but the heat is strong. IBC's corn-fuelled barbecue grill ignites at one touch of the switch and reaches heating temperature within 5 minutes. Corn can save the fuel bill by two to three times compared to charcoal and coal briquet. 

"Taste is as good as the charcoal grilled but corn resolves animal fat, holds meat juice, and still tasty after the meat gets cooled. It cooks the meat evenly and it hardly leaves the smell both in the restaurant and in your clothes" says Kim.

Labor cost-wise, you can save a labor who are in charge of firing and filling up charcoal because it is corn. All you, or a server, need to do is to fill up the corns into the grill time to time. All of these advantages of IBC corn-fuelled barbecue grill are well proved by excellent reviews of restaurant owners and dinners alike. 

With these proven excellence, IBC is running an office in China and exporting the grill to Vietnam already. CEO Kim also eyes on the US market. American's love of barbecue is madness that yearly 15 million barbecue grills are sold. So Kim has done the registering the patent in the US also.

With IBC corn-fuelled barbecue grill, you can grill almost anything from pork, beef, chicken, duck, eel, salmon and you name it. You can customize the grill according to your need through the made to order and improvements and maintenance are answered promptly. PowerKorea → powering Korean business to the world!

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