KED Ultrasonic Wave Smart Water Meter brings forth advancement of smart water management technology

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▲ KED / CEO Jeong Tae-hwa

Established in June 2006, KED is a South Korean environment company specialized in public sewage and waste water. The company has accumulated knowhow and experience in Bio-SAC, S-DAF and CKB technologies and is providing design, construction, pilot running, technology analysis and management services. 

The Bio-SAC method is a high level sewage and waste water technology and it obtained environmental new technology verification. The S-DAF method is a sewage and waste water treatment process/facility technology and it obtained performance certificate from the SMEs and Startups Ministry. 

54 out of total 60 executives and staff of KED are more than 1 certificate holders and they attend training courses legal or private more than once a year to keep the technique rolling. The company pours around 5% of the sales to R&D every year from which it has obtained 25 patents and 3 trade marks with average 2 patent applications a year. 

KED also boasts numerous citations received from the Public Procurement Service Daegu, SMEs and Starups Ministry, Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute, and Ministry of Environment. 

Every now and then, water meter readers pay a visit to each house and building to check the water meter. This system has certain drawbacks such as low precision, frequent malfunction, over valid period and harmful substance detection. 

Introducing by KED, KED Ultrasonic Wave Smart Water Meter checks the meter remotely by using advanced information and communications technology. This cutting edge water meter analyzes the amount and patterns of the use and increases precision and compatibility. 

Government's Smart Water City policy is to manage and supply clean water effectively and efficiently based on advanced ICT. In this respect, KED Ultrasonic Wave Smart Water Meter is expected to play a major role to make this happen through replacing the existing old water meters. It is notable that global smart water meter market is predicted to have grown to 2.7 trillion won (2.4 billion USD) by 2025.

KED's W-type ultrasonic sensing structure is the first in its kind in Asia and it is expected to increase precision by 250 times better. Its SU-meter (Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter) is consisted of smart water meter models MW15 and MW20 and multi remote communication models MRC-S and MRC-D and collecting server and management model SU-management. 

At a test, MW15 and MW20 have no harmful substances such copper, zinc, metal, lead, mercury, cadmium, Cr, PBBs and PBDEs which are strictly dealt in the European market. 

Despite newly introducing eco-friendly technologies, a Board of Audit and Inspection report in 2019 shows environmental new technologies were used only 57% in water purification, 59% in sewage treatment, and 40% adoption rate in purification and 9% in sewage and waste water treatment. 

"In other words, the government including local governments does not seem to be willing to see and use new technologies that can bring environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness to the industry. Some local governments even apply irrational basis of marking the score which obviously seem to exclude new technologies deliberately. They must follow the bidding standard as it is stated if South Korea should not be left behind in the industry" complains Jeong Tae-hwa, CEO of KED. 

While environmental engineering majors are closing doors at some local universities, KED recently joined hands with Yeungnam University for the government's water industry innovation university project. As a result, the departments of environmental engineering, construction system engineering and chemistry are pushing forward research and development in cooperation with KED.

"It is our goal to lead the advanced water management technology of the world and we will keep working hard with endless passion to bring better and more innovative systems to the people on earth" determined Jeong. PowerKorea → powering Korean companies to the world!

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