Kolonsporex prepares students for prestigious physical education colleges overseas

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Kolonsporex is a South Korean preparatory school for students to enter prestigious physical education colleges home and abroad. Famous for combined home and school training, Kolonsporex has been running its own athletic scholarship program on which students can challenge for prestigious colleges in the US. PowerKorea met head trainers Jeong Gwang-su and Jeong Joong-jin.


Q. Tell us about Kolonsporex.

Jeong: Kolonsporex is led by the director Kim Young-mi and head trainer Jeon Joong-jin in charge of overseas application and I in charge of home application. We have 25 years of knowhow in the field and our cutting edge training facilities and down-to-earth programs help students enter prestigious colleges home and abroad.

Jeon: I'm proud to say that we probably are the largest physical education preparatory school in Gangnam District Seoul. South Korea's presence in the field of sports have been well proved by staying top ranks in many international games including the Olympics and the Asian Games. It is notable that many top performers regardless their country of origin are trained by prestigious colleges or industry specialists so we are preparing promising students to make their dream come true.

Jeong: The year 2021 will be a new start for us to fly high. We will open more channels for students to make their dream come true overseas where global level athletes learn and compete each other. Through our experience, we learned that there are many talented athletes in South Korea but it is regretful that many of high ranking officials in sports organizations are not from physical education major or athletes. So it is our goal to lay foundations for students to choose more options.




Q. Tell us about your programs.

Jeong: Many students struggle for academic records, exams and practice. It must be a huge burden for them all. As the system is the system anyway, we focus on how effectively and efficiently students can manage all these three. For this, we use both home training alongside Circuwell program especially in this time of the pandemic. We also use X-Touch exerciser for students to increase physical strength while we analyse requirements of each college on a regular basis to give customized preparation.

Jeon: The global class I'm in charge prepares students for the show case held every year in the US. It is important for students to show their ability and potential to both academic and industry specialists at the show to grasp advantageous position in entering a college and in getting a scholarship.

Q. What are the important things when students work things out?

Jeon: The basic physical strength is most important. The word basic often accompanies long and tedious repetition and patience. But it equips students with tenacity, endurance and challenging spirit.

Jeong: It is also important for students to know the level they are in and which college might suit their level of ability. Then comes the analysis and preparation for the requirements of the college they are going to. If they want a bit higher the college, then they should work things out more according to the level and it is our job to train each student to meet their goal.


Q. What makes you feel rewarded as trainers?

Jeon: Obviously, it is when students made for the college they want. It makes me feel not only rewarded but also I was right in the way I train them.

Jeong: I totally agree with Jeon. In order to reach to a required level whether basic physical strength or the field they are going to, it takes a considerable amount of time and hard work. When students made it, I just feel more happy for them as their trainer.


Q. What are the goals of Kolonsporex this year?

Jeong: We feel the need to bring up more efficient programs that better suits the pandemic situation because the show must go on anyway. So it is our unchanging goals to make each student to make for the college they want regardless the situation.

Jeon: I totally agree with Jeong. If I add on more thing, we, the trainers at Kolonsporex, will keep working hard to bring optimized training programs to each student by continuous effort in reading the trend and in analyzing pros and cons of students. 

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