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▲ GeniRobot (CEO: Jackie Lee)

GeniRobot (CEO: Jackie Lee) is running new year 2021 to become a leader in EduTech's global market in 2023.
In the light of the fact that global education robot market is being presumed to be $6 billion currently and is being growing by an average of 24% annually, it is noteworthy that domestic education robot brand 'GENIBOT' whose consumers are available for kids of all levels over 4 years old has sold more than 20,000 units despite of its short launching period during just 6 months last year 2020 at home & abroad. 
Through an exclusive interview as part of the New Year's Enterprise Series with Power Korea Media Group whose magazine Power Korea is being distributed to KOTRA business centers in more than 70 countries around the world, GeniRobot CEO Jackie Lee said, "We are planning to expand Europe markets first of all, based on the Eastern European countries such as Poland & Hungary in which GENIBOT's export is being carried out currently, including its joint venture in Poland with its Polish counterpart at the beginning of 2021, among others". The places where its samples have been sent in the meanwhile include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Indonesia, Croatia, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, U.S., France, Britain, Spain, Japan and Italy, so 2021 is expected to be the first year to see GENIBOT's products in the global market, according to Jackie Lee. 
In order to enter into global market, GeniRobot acquired certificates such as KC(Korea), CE(Europe), FCC(US), TELEC(Japan), and last but not least for the first time from Bluetooth SIG(Special Interest Group), a multinational consortium which supervises Bluetooth technology development. 

'It will be the first year to meet GeniRobot's products in the global market in 2021.'
Why is its interactive education-purpose's GENIBOT gaining so much popularity? 

Over the past 20 years, coding education has become commonplace in schools around the world and is now heralded as one of the most important skills for young generations to learn. More importantly, educational robots are growing in popularity as a way to get kids interested in coding.
At the moment, education purpose's robots account for about 2.4%(roughly 6 billion dollars) of the entire world EduTech market(about 250 billion dollars). Revealing many limitations despite of such market's growth, teachers can't use existing coding robots for true interactive education experiences, according to the diagnosis of GeniRobot team.  "GeniRobot's cloud-based LIMS platform solution is the first coding education platform to solve online communication problems, making remote guided learning possible", CEO Lee explains. In other words, it is the first educational platform that solves the problem of communication between teachers and students and allows two-way learning, providing educational values for kids of all levels beyond the limitations of existing educational robots. 

The biggest differentiation point in the concept of an all-in-one coding robot in which not only coding, but also STEAM & AI education are possible!
Another major differentiating point with the existing robots from the perspective of GeniRobot, emphasized by Geni Robot side, is the concept of an all-in-one coding robot in which not only coding, but also STEAM and AI education are possible. Developed by educational experts from the KAIST Global Institute for Talented Education, GENIBOT encourages the ongoing exploration of all STEAM fields. GENIBOT is the only all-in-one coding robot that can be used at home for self-study and also flawlessly integrated into programming classes at multiple grade levels, according to Jackie Lee. 
To name just a few among those many features and benefits of the All-in-One GENIBOT, GENIBOT is more versatile than any other coding robot on the market including unplugged & app-based coding(Android & iOS), competitive price with more features(highly cost effective), support Scratch 3.0, Entry & Python, compatible with various devices(Android/iOS devices, computers), compatible with every kid's favorite toy-LEGO! etc.
Furthermore, it is multilingual to support English plus one language from any local region besides encouraging creative group behavior with Bluetooth 5.0 star network and performing a wide range of activities with OID(Optical Idenfication Dot) technology. By taking advantage of its multilingual edges, CEO Lee plans to export to more than 10 countries, including Poland, Arabic, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Russian and Croatian. 

GENIBOT opens up new possibilities for collective education through two-way coding education in recent non-face environment irregardless of time & space!
Referring to Bluetooth Star Network's two-way education, CEO Jackie Lee said that GENIBOT supports the Bluetooth 5.0 standard for real-time communication and feedback in a star topology network. So up to maximum 36 robots in a classroom can be connected as a group, linking unlimitedly with other groups in a tree hierarchy structure irregardless of time & space if LIMS platform is used, opening up new possibilities for group education.  
CEO Lee, who stressed that his company wants to go ultimately to the direction of education platform business projects including not only robot-based coding, STEAM, & AI education, but also through VR, AR & gamification, advises the first service of its kind, GeniRobot's proprietary LIMS platform is a cloud-based interactive coding education solution. In a word, it enables two-way communication for educators and students to utilize GENIBOT together in one-on-one or group classes, both in person and remotely. 
Instructors can control each student's GENIBOT in real time, no matter where the student is located in the world. Students can also learn by themselves and teachers will be provided with full activity reports, helping make individualized instruction possible for every student. 
CEO Jackie Lee proclaims during an interview with Power Korea journalists that our goal is to become a global Edutech market leader by 2023. In that regard, GENIBOT and the LIMS learning platform are just the start, according to the company. 
GeniRobot is preparing to launch a number of related products soon and moving beyond coding education to develop an overarching solution that incorporates AI and Big Data. As part of such launching strategies, GENISTICK which can connect to maximum 36 robots was launched at the end of last year 2020 and a full-featured wireless webcam with AI object detection, GENICAM which is slated to be launched at the beginning of 2021, can be combined with GENIBOT's movement capability to enable autonomous driving. It's the perfect tool for AI coding education, Lee said. 

GeniRobot with its potentials for entering into global market as an EduTech start-up!
As an EduTech start-up established in 2019, GeniRobot was recognized in terms of its potentials for entering into global market including a total of 9 patents and applied technologies. Such recognitions further include preliminary incubation package first prize (100 million won) in Seoul area from Korea Institute of Startup & Enterpreneurship Development, 4th Industrial Revolution R&D development (100 million won), Ministry of SMEs and Startups private investment initiative-type technology incubation program TIPS (1 billion won), its selection for the most excellent publicity start-up from KIBO, its selection as start-up 4.0 from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund(1.5 billion won) etc. Recently as well, GeniRobot was recognized in terms of its potential and technology power by winning Grand Prize in '2020 Startup Engel Investment Attraction Camp', KISED President Award in Fourth Industrial Revolution Festival and last but not least by being selected as the vault of heaven enterprise from IBK. 
To pave the way for its turnover of 10 billion won at home and abroad in 2022 and 50 billion won in 2023 respectively, GeniRobot Co. aims to be listed on the KOSDAQ by strengthening its plans and IR activities for the sake of its investment attraction at international exhibitions such as CES at US & Britain's Bett Show on Jan. in 2021, GESS in the UAE in February, US ISTE in June and Thailand's World DIDAC on November in 2021.
GeniRobot's Jackie Lee CEO concluded his interview by stressing that GeniRobot will grow into the enterprize which contributes to the upward equalization of education in tamdem with EduTech industry's development and 4th industrial revolution era.

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