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South Korean Peniel World sells wababi themed products to the world

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Peniel World / Chairman Ahn Jae-sam

Wasabi is a plant often called Japanese horseradish. It grows in shady and damp soil and is found in Japan, Korea, China, New Zealand and North America. Wasabi is known to have medicinal effect such as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. 

The 5-HFA easter extracted from wasabi leaves is proven to inactivate the DNA related to forming fat cell. Other effects are related to helping bone and brain health. Japanese has enjoyed its stingy taste alongside sushi for many years and applied to many other foods including snacks and processed food.

Peniel World is the sole South Korean company devoting its years long research to nothing but wasabi. The company developed its own patented anti-biotic material extraction techniques and has applied them into making various products from containers, cosmetics, bath supplies and toothbrush to deodorizer, air freshener, spray, snack and health supplements. 

Wasabia airtight container, the flagship product of the company, made most of the wasabi's sterilization effect and a test carried out by the FITI Testing & Research Institute last year showed more than 2.0 anti-bacterial activity rate. 

Other tests showed that slices of bread kept in a wasabi airtight container did not produce mold even after several months while vegetables kept its freshness longer than the vegetables in ordinary containers. Wasabi airtight container is registered as the patent No.10-1642038 in South Korea and also registered in Japan and the US while China is in process. 

Second famous after wasabi airtight container is wasabi snack. Unlike other wasabi snacks which contain artificial flavor, Peniel World's wasabi snack is enlivened with the original ingredient and flavor. Thanks to this difference, Peniel World's wasabi snack is as popular overseas as in South Korea. Other notable wasabi products of Peniel World are shampoo, body wash, soap, toothbrush and detergent. Many products of Peniel World are marked with FDA approvals. 

Peniel World was established in 2007 and recognized as Management-Innovation SME, Export Promising SME, Global IP Star Companies, 100 Global Products, Korea First, World Best Products, and Excellent Patents. 

Peniel World won the grand prize at the 2019 GTI International Trade & Investment EXPO and made an export deal worth 2 million USD with Hongkong Seoul Food Supply and 6 million USD with 6 companies in the same year. December this year, Peniel World received a citation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. PowerKorea: Powering Korean companies to the world.

韩国ʫ业“Peniel World”

Peniel World份ɣ简称“Peniel World”“Wasabia”为闻٣ʫ长Ѣ研ϼ业许体ˬ霉ж虫维鲜Peniel Worldжڪ质专ף专门并销售ж发⩡妆皂ǡ剂ۻ剂喷雾ݡ
Wasabia产“Wasabia鲜“Peniel World专开发ж鲜졣Wasabiaж并杀灭霍乱ж伤жܻ细ж并霉жٽж档Wasabia鲜获߾术研发ж鲜졣ҴFITI试验研ϼ检测结显ƣWasabia鲜ж过2.0֪为韩国专10-1642038号ڸ国请专ף国实审请ϴ

另种产“ݣ߳ǰ“热顣””研بߣ嵛Ӯݣ 既清ܣެոګ真绝它评为独ݣ与ʥҡߣ嵛独ެ风ګʦڸ异ګ几没带给们涨肚腻该产既营养ڸګ韩国国内⣬还国场备费青睐别ή发们对关渐ԣ˭该产热销ګոګ两种ګԳ

Peniel Worldء2007Ҵ长Ѣ研ϼǣ获许选为经营η创业Ϣ阳业ͣ100˭产战优业˰Գ阳业Ϲ识产权IP٥业并韩国٣ʫ٣奖韩国优专奖2017Ҵ˰Գ请长农园区厂2018Ҵ2019ҴGTI国际贸资览会优ݻ门别奖奖总׿ʫ业签800ڸ谅备录MOU与“Seoul Food Suppy”签订200زڸϢ协议Ҵ11为区产业兴ݤ奖产业资ݻ长ί奖状˰Գ业奖ʦ见Peniel World长Ѣ来续获显发
߲长ƣ“为业们Peniel World将积极开场ͣ扬“

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